Ask Us Anything: For Females What do You Consider Height/Weight Appropriate?

Question: For a female, what do you consider height/weight appropriate? Also I am shapely toned and consider myself generally attractive but have a few stretch marks around the thigh area from having lost weight, is this a turn off?

Him & Her: We sat here trying to figure out how to answer this question and it is actually surprisingly very difficult. We both prefer thin girls. Three very recent girls we played with were, 5’ 0” and 95 lbs, 5’ 2” and 116 lbs and 5’ 5” and 115 lbs. I hope that gives a better idea on the type of girls we play with and what we are looking for in regards to height and weight. Even though pictures would be more helpful, we don’t post pictures of people we’ve played with to protect their privacy. Basically the types of girls we look for are those that almost every guy would stare at whether they were walking by in a bathing suit or regular street clothes. That being said, we are fine with girls being a little overweight, but we do have a limit and we’ve played with very few overweight girls. We are not exactly sure what you mean by “shapely toned” but a few stretch marks won’t typically bother us. If you feel comfortable you can e-mail us a picture of yourself and we will give you our honest opinion (the picture and our opinion of course would remain private and would not be posted on the blog).

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