House Party – When the Shit Hits the Fan – Failed MFMF

Background: We were invited to an on-premise house party in Long Island on Friday, December 11, 2010. We’ve known the hosts for awhile now from different parties and from attending their Halloween party.

The Following is Written from His Perspective:

We arrived early as usual and as a result we were the first Couple to arrive. We met a new couple there, George and Brooke. George was in his late thirties and in pretty good shape. Brooke was an attractive twenty one year old brunette, five feet tall and less than a hundred pounds. George explained to us that he had been a Single Male in the lifestyle for some time and had been with Brooke for a few months and wanted to explore the lifestyle together, focusing at first on looking for a threesome with a Single Female.

My girlfriend and I had very good chemistry with them but at the same time I am always wary of Couples that are so green. Everyone made their way up to the play areas and my girlfriend and Brook began to give each other some attention. George and Brook wanted to move to a bed which we did and I laid back into the bed and my girlfriend went down on me. George was next to me and Brook did the same to him. Throughout all this I did feel up Brooke several times but at one point when I was squeezing one of her breasts she moved my hand away so I did not touch her again. I was growing bored of all this and felt myself actually dozing off while my girlfriend was blowing me.

At some point I became alert when Brooke was riding George next to me and he wanted her to blow me. They had an exchange that went something like this:

George: “Do you want to blow him?”
Brooke: “Do you want me to blow him?”
George: “Only if you want to blow him.”
Brooke: “Only if you want me to.”

Anyway, she just did it. So here she is riding George and sucking my cock at the same time which perked me up a bit in more ways than one. I really didn’t think this was going anywhere and this seemed to be a change in a positive direction.

George wanted Brooke and my girlfriend to switch positions. Brooke went between my legs and started blowing me and my girlfriend went between George’s legs and started stroking his cock. She didn’t go down on him right away because he just had unprotected sex with Brooke and she was going to ask him if he could clean his cock first when the shit hit the fan.

Brooke stopped blowing me and said she didn’t feel comfortable. I immediately sat up and told her it is totally okay and she shouldn’t worry about it that we will stop.

Then George literally flipped out. He started getting verbally aggressive and said that his girlfriend was uncomfortable because my girlfriend wasn’t blowing him. My girlfriend looked mortified. She was actually scared. My girlfriend said to him she was going to and he cut her off and said, “Then why aren’t you blowing me.” Is this guy serious?

My girlfriend looked totally panic stricken at me and George was getting more and more unhinged going on and on about why isn’t my girlfriend blowing him. So I tell my girlfriend to come over to me and not to worry about it. I was getting very irritated by George’s behavior and I am very grateful for the hostess coming to the bed and laying back onto me while I was on the bed. My heart was racing at that point and her doing that helped me just relax. I kept telling myself not to say anything that could escalate the situation.

Remember that everyone at one of these parties is in a very compromising situation. The last thing anyone needs is a fight, for someone to get hurt, for cops to have to be called. It is a lifestyle in which everyone for the most part tries to be respectful and discrete and even though my girlfriend and I did not do anything improper, I still wanted to be respectful to our wonderful hosts that invited us into their house.

At some point George looked directly at me and said, “You know what is going on here and you are supposed to be an experienced couple, thanks for ruining our first time.”

This really got to me. Us ruin their first time? We were nothing but non-pushy and respectful of their limits. We never verbally or physically attempted to pressure them into being intimate with us. I looked him right in the face and said that, “My girlfriend was hesitant to go down on you because you just had unprotected sex with your girlfriend and if you would have given her a moment she would have explained that to you and asked you to clean yourself off.” To which George responded, “That actually is a pretty good reason.” But then he went right back into his hissy fit. They left shortly after. I really felt terrible for Brooke, but that guy was an asshole.

My girlfriend was almost in tears after this. We relaxed for a little while and calmed down. The rest of the evening, or at that point the morning (it was around 2 a.m. at this point) went very well, but we hope bad experiences like this one are few and far between.

Has anyone else had a bizarre experience?

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Inferno said...

Wow, that is the sort of stuff that we avoid like heck.
If a couple is new we are fine with playing with them, but only after we have met with them a few times before hand and made sure they are really on track.
That of course makes it a rare thing because it is time consuming to vanilla hang out enough to be sure.

We are like that because of one experience that made us feel pretty bad.
We retired a soft swap couple on their first time out by going beyond their plans.
It turned out that the guy was a big planner and had specific scenarios in his head.
He wanted either the girls to just play while us guys watched or for and exchange of oral sex for a short time male+female.
We never new that until after and they just went along with everything and played fine doing all that can be done in a soft swap situation.
It turned out that the male also had NOT informed his wife of what he had as o.k. scenarios either.
Not only did she break his trust (his words) by giving and recieving oral sex with both my wife and myself, but she actually "kissed" us and to top it off swallowed when I came.
The entire time this guy was going along acting fine and never said a word.
Only afterwards did he tell us all this.
His wife said she shouldn't be blamed because he had not told her any of it either.
They exploded into a huge fight.

J said...

Him: I cannot understand how Couples can become involved in this lifestyle and have such poor communication with each other. Good communication between partners really helps to eliminate most problems associated with emotions and swinging.

Anonymous said...

..the real inferno!!!! do not post any comments with our name on it...we did not write this comment or any others... stop ...keep our names out of the bullshit!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting.... Bad experiences do happen but I feel people don't discuss them enough

Anonymous said...

If the gf eats other girls, why worry with cleanup in this situation?

J said...

Greater STD risk.

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