Ask Us Anything: Any Half-Nekkid Thursdays Or Party Reviews Coming?

Question: Any half nekkid thursday updates or more party reviews coming? 

Him: We have a few parties reviews coming up. Typically they are posted Saturday mornings. As for the Half-Nekkid Thursdays, my girlfriend is all for doing them but I have been a bit conflicted. I have begun to feel that we should really decide what kind of blog we want this to be because posting the pictures attracts a certain type of audience that doesn't necessarily care for the content and only wants to get off on nude pictures and I personally would prefer a more content driven website. So we have a ton of pictures that are ready to go, just have been holding off as we decide what we are going to do in that regard.

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anal sex stories said...

Would be great to see some pictures as well. Here's a damn lot of content.

Vladimir Massillon said...

Its true that you'd attract people only into pics but it doesn't take away from your post. And whether people are enticed by the pic or the story content it's still the same outcome.

I'm a fan of even though he never post a pic but I found his stories very erotic. Personally im not a good enough or patient enough to achieve the same feat so I attach some pics to mine. But at the end of the day whether somebody is turned on by the pic or story they're still turned on :)

Nonetheless its obviously your choice so I say dont do it till your comfortable.

Anonymous said...

We believe you have alot of content and your blog is really great and informative. We would also love to see pics to match your stories so that we can picture what you and your GF wear out to a party or club. We'd also love to see that activity that occurs after that in your photo shoots! All this adds to your blog and allows us to get turned on more and fantasize more about our future encounters with others (or possibly you)!! And honestly, it would add to us getting off when reading your blog.
We think if others have an issue about what you do, then too bad for them. If you are conflicted about bringing in a certin type of person just for pics, then just know either way, you and your GF and probably turning them on and getting them off...and you get readers to your site. Everyone wins!!

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