MFMF – Interesting But Bizarre Experience

Background: On Saturday, December 4, 2010 we couldn’t manage to find an on-premise party to attend so we decided to head to Encounters.

The Following is Written From His Perspective:

Encounters admits both Couples and Single Men. We have found that it is typically hit or miss when looking for Couples but tonight had quite a few. My girlfriend danced with several Couples and allowed some of them to feel her up. At some point I noticed a very attractive Couple walk in. They were dressed fairly conservatively for the type of venue we were in, but she was gorgeous. She was the type of girl you would find in fashion magazine advertisements. She was in her early twenties, from the Dominican Republic with a cute little accent to go with it.

We approached them and introduced ourselves. The music was very loud so it was a bit difficult to hear, but they seemed a tad bit standoffish. When my girlfriend asked what they were into, the girl replied, “Only my man.” We told them it was nice meeting them and walked off to another area of the club.

They followed us there, but typical of so many, whether Male, Female, or Couple, they did not reinitiate but instead sat fairly close to us on another couch.

We have found many Couples just starting out come off as standoffish. When you try to talk to them they shut down and it feels as though they are almost being rude, but this is a defense mechanism. It is very hard to continue to plow forward in the conversation once that has happened. Instead just walk away. If you are what they are looking for they will have a discussion and realize here was an opportunity they came here for and perhaps feel a little silly at their behavior. They will then follow you to wherever it is you went, but not reinitiate conversation. They will chicken out. Remember, they are new. Most likely they will end up hovering or sitting somewhere in your vicinity but like most guys experience if they have ever tried to approach a girl, at some point they had approach anxiety and made that detour right before getting to you. If they hover or sit in the vicinity, they are subconsciously inviting you to reopen since they don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves.

My girlfriend went over to sit next them and began chatting. Their names were Mike and Regina. After a few minutes they seemed to relax a bit and I came over to join them. There was some light physical contact between my girlfriend and Regina but nothing intense. They told us they were brand new and had come to Encounters before but left very quickly. Their only experience was a threesome between Mike, Regina and Mike’s ex-girlfriend. We chatted for awhile and at some point they invited us back to their place. I was actually very surprised, but we were very interested so we accepted. The only thing that was nagging at me is that they never defined what they were looking for, and we had asked a couple of times.

We arrived at their house in Suffolk County. It was a beautiful house and we all ended up on their couch by the fireplace drinking wine. My girlfriend and Regina began making out and then it was on. At first Regina was very hesitant to take her panties off, but eventually she did and I fingered her. She blew me but would not let me go down on her. The odd part about all this though, was that Mike was not playing with my girlfriend. For about an hour Regina alternated between blowing me and fucking Mike, but the only one playing with my girlfriend was me. This was definitely a first.

Three things were going on through my mind at this point in relation to Regina: (1) This girl was super hot, (2) I wanted to fuck this girl, and (3) She was really good at giving head and if she does it for another second I’m just going to cum and then there definitely is no sex with her.
So I did what any self respecting guy would have done, I lifted her up and put her back on the couch and tried to fuck her. She clearly did not want to. So now I’m thinking, “Okay, I guess this really is going nowhere, hopefully Mike just comes from fucking Regina sometime soon and we will call it a night.”

So there we are, Mike fucking Regina and my girlfriend playing with my cock and the next thing I know Mike picks up Regina and tries putting her pussy right down on my cock. I immediately shoved my cock out of the way because (1) I wasn’t wearing a condom, and (2) I was scared for the well being of my cock. If it didn’t happen to go in, I might have been one of those cautionary tales about breaking your cock.

Anyway, I knew he wanted me to fuck her at that point. She started going down on him between his legs and I went behind her, put a condom on, asked him if he wanted me to fuck her, he said yes, and began fucking her. I didn’t last long at this point. After being teased for an hour, I knew before even entering that this was going to be a quick one. After I finished fucking her, Regina went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and Mike laid down on one of the couches.

That is when he told us he felt great. I asked him how so. He responded that he now felt even.

I was super confused. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. So I asked him what he meant.

Apparently the whole night was designed for me to fuck Regina so he would be even with her for giving him a threesome. That explains why he wouldn’t fuck my girlfriend…otherwise they would be uneven.

My girlfriend and I felt a bit uncomfortable with this. More so because he could have just told us this upfront and we would have been fine with it rather than for over an hour letting her be confused why she was getting so little attention.

They then proceeded to tell us they were done and more or less that we could leave. We would have done that ourselves but for the fact that he never came and they were laying there naked. So the statement felt like it came out of nowhere.

We did like them a lot and felt like we had good chemistry and would definitely play with them again if they wanted to explore a real full swap, but we did walk away feeling kind of used after the revelation of what we were there for and then being booted out so quickly. It is just one of those experiences.

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Anonymous said...

I dont blame your lady for feeling left out . This past Saturday and last night my friend went to Encounters which was supposed to be open (last nite for N.E. Party ) and Encounters and Possibilities were both closed . This is absolute terrible customerservice (no matter what the business) and its not surprising as both places close sometimes on a whim and dont tell u . Encounters had not been plowed and was not open all week according to my friend Bob . Possibilities says they r open tonight (they neversaid they would be open last nite ) but somehow I doubt it .


Miranda said...

I don't think we would have lasted through the odd parts of that to get to my husband actually fucking the girl.
Something would have been said and questions asked.
I also would have been thinking "hey, what about me?"

Anonymous said...

Its now Tuesday 1/4 and Encounters and the complex it is located in, Cherri Bombs are both closed . I think Club Possibilities was open on 1/1 but its not confirned and they still have listings for this Friday and Sat on SLS . Encounters does not . I think we now know which place the Town closed .

J said...

Him: Miranda, normally we take a very laid back approach to dealing with "newbies". We wish they would have been more upfront and we were somewhat disappointed, but it was chalked up to an interesting learning experience.

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