Ask Us Anything: What Are Both Of Your Biggest Fantasies?

Question: What are both of your biggest fantasies? 

Her: I have two! The first would be to find an attractive girl with no hang-ups that I can be regular friends with, like I am with my non-swinger friends and also have threesomes with (her, my bf, and me). The second would be to attend a party where everyone was screened for attractiveness and have had recent HIV/STD tests done and everything came back negative. This way we could just have fun without having to go through the process of finding out who is clean and who isn’t before playing with them.

Him: I have pretty much had most of my fantasies accomplished. I had always wanted a threesome and as of answering this question, my girlfriend and I have had threesomes with five different girls, some of them on more than one occasion. I’ve also had sex with every type of girl I’ve wanted to have sex with. I would like to see my girlfriend in a gangbang, but before every guy out there gets excited, it would have to be with the right set of guys and that isn’t something we foresee happening anytime soon.

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