The Hampton’s Winter Party - MFMF Full Swap

Background: This party was an on-premise house party that took place on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

The Following is Written From His Perspective:

We arrived around 9:30. It was pretty empty when we first got there. We ended up chatting with a couple new to the lifestyle, Anthony and Tamara. They were very friendly and we shared a few drinks with them but we did not want to get locked into a brand new couple so early on at the party. We began scanning the room for potentials and saw a few.

The first was a very attractive interracial couple. I do not remember their names, but they were both well dressed, he was black, she was white, a blond, and both were dull as shit. My girlfriend had gone and introduced herself first on the way back from a trip to the restroom. When I noticed her chatting away with them I excused myself from Anthony and Tamara and joined them.

The girl was very quiet and any question directed toward her for some reason or another required her to first look at the guy for an answer. It is always a turn off when people cannot answer for themselves.

Also, when asked what they were into they at first wouldn’t give us a straight answer. At some point the guy said that he looked at this as something they do every now and then, and that they aren’t in the “lifestyle”. He said it with a superior air as though those that do this regularly were to be looked down upon. Then he went on to say that they were more voyeurs. We told them it was nice talking to them (it wasn’t) and we walked away.

We encounter that type of couple every so often. They get off on the fact that they are at a swinger/lifestyle/sex party, but never actually participate – which is totally fine with us until they say something or do something that makes it obvious that somehow by not attending such parties on a frequent basis or not participating that they are somehow better than those that do. We didn't see them talk to anyone else the entire night.

Anyway, we went back to chatting with Anthony and Tamara and it was at this point that Tamara told my girlfriend that she had just got her period that day. It must have been around 10:30 to 11 around this point and we realized that we would not be playing with them so we exchanged numbers and moved on to a couple that just arrived, Jamie and Vincent.

I had run into Jamie, a beautiful blond haired Russian girl wearing a red dress, while waiting for the bathroom when she first came in. I introduced myself immediately and then did my business. Once I reunited with my girlfriend after my little bathroom visit, we saw Jamie with her significant other and introduced ourselves. She was extremely shy and for some reason my girlfriend drew a blank in the way of conversation, not exactly sure why. They said this was their first party and said they wanted to know if we wanted to go dance. We are not big on the whole dancing thing especially with new couples since you can end up dancing for hours with them, so we passed and off they went to the dance floor.

It was at this point that Anthony asked us if we wanted to play. I told him that his wife said she had her period and we can just play another time. Anthony proceeded to ask us if we wanted to play after that about five or six times. It became very obnoxious. I told him that I do not even play with my girlfriend when she has her period, there is no way I was going to play with his wife when she had hers. It felt like he was begging at that point, not very attractive. Totally turned my girlfriend off.

We chatted with a few other couples but almost everyone seemed to be fairly new at this party for some reason or we just did not feel comfortable playing with certain couples yet, so we just exchanged numbers with those that we thought we might play with sometime down the road. We ended up taking a seat by the edge of the dance floor and just hung out for awhile.

Around 1 a.m. we headed into the kitchen to refuel. Jamie and Vincent came over to us and we began chatting again. The chemistry was right this time and we all headed to a bedroom and proceeded to have a full swap on the only bed available – an air bed. I seriously hate those things.

Jamie had three tattoos of hearts….one on one of her breasts, one right over her pussy, and one on her behind. It was actually quite appealing and I’m not a big fan of tattoos. The girls played a bit first and then my girlfriend climbed on top of Vincent who looked like he had a tree trunk growing out from between his legs and I proceeded to fuck Julia first missionary and then doggy style. After Vincent came from fucking my girlfriend doggy style my girlfriend went down on Jamie for a bit while I fingered her. I then fucked Jamie again missionary until I came.

The night turned out really well in the end…just was a very late start. We were one of the first couples to arrive and one of the very last to leave.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy.   

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Tyson said...

I know exactly what you mean about couples who have an elitist attitude about participating. If they have no intentions of doing so then why be in the lifestyle in the first place

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