Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel Party Review

Background: We attended two Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel parties recently, the first one was on February 5, 2011 and the second one was on March 5, 2011. Both fell on Saturday night.

We’ll start with the negative and work our way to the positive.


(1) Both parties were originally advertised as On-Premise Loft Parties to be located in Manhattan. Both parties changed venues to a hotel in Central New Jersey after we paid.  Apparently it was more convenient for some of the guests if the party was to be held in a different location.  For the first party they indicated no refunds after they changed the location (read: not cool). It did not appear that they did that the second time around.

(2) We get the impression they are having trouble getting Couples to rsvp and pay. We don’t recall there being a Couple “limit” for the February 5th party originally but at some point it became something along the lines of “15 Couples” only. They did seem to have at least that amount at that party. However, the second party, March 5th, started at a 25 Couple limit and dropped to a 15 Couple limit and the crowd that showed up was much smaller than the February 5th party.

(3) There seems to be a large group of regulars and soft-swap Couples that attend these parties. So if you are full swap like we are, that eliminates a portion of the Couples available and the regulars seem to enjoy sticking with each other, so that further eliminates several more Couples from playing.

(4) The parties cost $150 to attend if you sign up early, $200 if you sign up late. If you compare that to say the Hamptons Party which is $80 to attend and has anywhere between 40 (winter parties) to 100 (summer parties) Couples attend, it doesn’t seem you are getting as much bang for your buck as compared to some other parties out there.

(5) There was a lack of snacks at the party.  We've learned that after you play, you get hungry.  That extra refueling helps before you play a second time around.  While they had some pretzels, there really was a lack of anything to refuel on.


(1) The hosts were very nice and easy to talk to. However, as a couple they are only soft-swap and we have not seen the female play at all.

(2) The couples that attend are very attractive. This is always important when you pay money to attend a party or club. When you attend the “right” house parties you will typically get an average to attractive crowd but in the right age range (20-40) with maybe 1/3 of the guests being really attractive. However, those parties are typically free. If you are going to pay anywhere between 100-200 dollars on a party, you expect the guests to be very attractive and we are happy to say that Sexxy Mofo delivered.

(3) The hotel had two bedrooms, one with a king sized bed and the other with two beds. There was plenty of play area as a result.

(4) They had a bartender. It is always nice when you need to refuel your drink to be able to go to someone and just tell them what you want instead of having to mix things yourself.

(5) Plenty of condoms were available. The hosts put condoms in all the play areas. While we only use our own condoms, it is nice that they prepared. Some couples may come to a party for the first time just to “check it out” and so they don’t bring condoms or anything and then find themselves in a weird situation of not being prepared when the whole experience sweeps them away and they want to have fun.

(6) All the couples were very respectful. No one was creepy or overly aggressive.

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