Single Guys: Do You Want to Fuck Her? Follow Instructions

We receive a large volume of messages via e-mail, Swing Lifestyle, Sexxy Mofo, and SDC from Single Men that want to play. If the message relates to advice or recommendations on certain clubs or parties in the tri-state area we respond regardless of whether that person contacting us is a couple or a single. However, as a group, those Single Men that contact us to play consistently fail to follow the instructions we’ve put forth in our lifestyle profiles and advertisements. In an effort to help Single Men better understand why we have certain instructions, and while other Couples may have similar instructions, we are going to break down our Swingers Advertisement and explain why we have set our requirements the way we have.

Here is the specific portion for Single Men:

“Single Men: He MUST have at least 5 Certifications/Validations from either Swing Life Style, Sexxy Mofo, or SDC and should be between the ages of 18-35, athletic, and cock must be at least 6 inches or larger. We ONLY meet Single Men at On-Premise Lifestyle Events (House Parties, Hotel Parties, and Clubs). Level of play is based upon chemistry. When contacting us have a party in mind that conforms to on party preferences or let us know if you will be attending a party we are already planning on attending. Failure to respect our preferences or open up/attach your photos will result in us not responding to your message.”

Certifications/Validations: This requirement exists to save us time and as an added layer of personal safety. By having other Couples pre-screen you, we do not have to go through the trouble of doing it ourselves. The actual number is arbitrary. We chose a number that we felt would be easily attainable by a Single Male who is active in the lifestyle and is successful at meeting other Couples. The number also narrows the playing field significantly making it easier to ignore messages from those who are most likely not serious.

Age Range: Almost every Couple has an age range. Respect it. We like playing with a younger crowd and rarely make exceptions and normally those exceptions involve other Couples, not Single Men.

Body Type: There always seems to be some confusion what it means to be height/weight proportionate, athletic, physically fit, etc. By athletic we really mean someone who engages in physical fitness regularly and has a body fat range of somewhere between 8% and 12%.

6 Inches or Larger: Just personal preference. We have found that anything under is not as pleasing for our female half. To other Couples it may not matter at all.

Only Meet at On-Premise Lifestyle Events: We prefer on-premise locations because they remove the burden of figuring out logistics. We do not invite Single Males back to our home, nor do we wish to go to the Single Male’s place or a hotel. On-Premise locations allow a safe environment to play at the location. We refuse to meet for drinks at a bar or for coffee at a cafĂ© because of the time commitment. Imagine if you schedule a date with a Single Female and are at the location waiting for her to arrive and she never shows up. It is typically too late to make other arrangements at that time to meet another Single Female. The same is true when dealing with Single Men. We have found that a significant number of Single Men flake. The same is true when arranging to meet at an On-Premise Club, however, you can arrange for many more Single Men to attend. We once had approximately ten Single Men tell us they would meet us at a local On-Premise Club. Only one showed up. A second advantage to meeting at an On-Premise location is that if we don’t have chemistry there are plenty of other opportunities at the location for both us and you once we go our separate ways, so the night is not wasted.

Tell Us About a Party: We will not contact you and tell you when a party we are attending allows Single Men. If we said yes to you, we would have to say yes to everyone else that messages us requesting to be informed and that in itself is a huge undertaking. If you know you are attending something that would suit us or see a party we will be attending (either on our blog or SLS account) then let us know, otherwise it is probably best not even to message us. The best advice we can give you is to look through the lifestyle sites to find a party that allows Single Men but is NOT geared towards Single Men. We don’t want to be one of ten Couples at a party with twenty Single Men. Those turn into Orgies real quickly and are not our type of scene. We like to get to know people before we play with them. We prefer parties that would have ten or more Couples and one to three Single Men. We once were invited by a Single Male to a party that consisted of him and another Single Male and about a dozen Couples. It was an excellent party and one of the smartest ways we’ve seen a Single Male go about trying to meet Couples he was interested in.

Photos: We can determine fairly quickly if there is an attraction merely by looking at a facial picture. Being well endowed or have a beautiful body does not negate the fact that we require to see your face. No face picture will result in no response. We look at the failure to attach a face picture as a failure to read our profile.

That pretty much breaks down the reasoning behind the requirements in our advertisements for Single Men.

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