Ask Us Anything: Besides Each Other, What Has Been Your Best Sexual Experience & Why?

Question: Besides each other, what has been your best sexual experience and why?

Her: The one that stands out the most for me was a threesome that we had at the Hampton’s Party with a single girl. It had already been such a perfect day, we already had two full swaps which went pretty well and to top it off with a threesome with a single female was pretty amazing and absolutely unexpected. I think this was the best because me and the girl were really into each other and normally the girl is more into my boyfriend than me. We hung out in the Jacuzzi together alone for a long time and talked and we kissed and touched each other. When my boyfriend came back she was a little hesitant at first to go to a play room, but once we got into she was really fun and she made me cum and I made her cum too. It was also great because for a lot of the time we were playing it was only the three of us in the room so there were not many distractions. The whole thing was amazing.

Him: I really enjoyed our threesome with the girl my girlfriend describes above. However I am having trouble choosing just one experience. I’m a very visual person and some of my best experiences have been because I was extremely turned on by the girl. For instance there was one swap we had at the Hampton’s party on February 12th that we described in a recent MFMF post where I was just very attracted to the girl. Our most recent MFMF swap which will be posted this coming Saturday was also a favorite of mine because the girl was just simply gorgeous and the sex was great.

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