Ask Us Anything: Do You Like Your Nipples Touched/Pinched/Sucked/Licked, etc? Pierced or Unpierced? How Sensitive?

Question: Do you like your nipples touched/pinched/sucked/licked, etc? Pierced or unpierced? How sensitive?

Her: Nipple touching/pinching/sucking/licking doesn’t do too much for me. Pinching is definitely bad (ouch). Nipple touching and licking is good, but it doesn’t send me over the edge like it does for some people. I suppose they aren’t that sensitive. Mine are definitely not pierced. Sometimes nipple piercings look good if they aren’t too big, but mostly I don’t like them very much.

Him: It really doesn’t do anything for me, none of it. There is one couple we play with that I know the male half definitely enjoys it, but for me, nothing. As for pierced or unpierced, I’m unpierced but depending on the girl I find it appealing.

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