Ask Us Anything: How Do You Handle Jealousy When it Happens?

Question: Even in the most stable couple sometimes there's jealousy, how do you both handle the rare occasion when it happens?

Her: If I ever do get jealous I just tell myself that whatever it is that is bothering me doesn’t really mean anything and that he doesn’t really care on a personal level about the people we play with, it is just for fun. We obviously enjoy the people we play with and have fun with them, but if we never did it again it wouldn’t matter at all. I don’t usually get jealous though and if I do it is usually just in my head and there is nothing to worry about.

Him: I don’t get jealous. When I was younger and in past relationships I have, but at this point in my life I just don’t get jealous anymore. Ever since we started swinging I’ve just felt completely liberated and watching my girlfriend with another man or with a woman just makes me more aroused.

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