Ask Us Anything: How Do You Two Deal With Guys That Get Off On Your Stories & Pictures? How Do You Maintain a Balanced Relationship?

Question: Your gf is hot. How do you two deal with the guys that get off on your stories and pics? how do you maintain a balance relationship?

Her: We haven’t had any issues with it. We did decide not to post any new nude pictures for the time being because we realize they attract a certain type of person to the site and that is not what this is all about. We just want to share our experiences and thoughts about swinging here.

Our relationship isn’t just about swinging. We do a lot of different types of hobbies and activities together that keep us balanced. It is important to have things in common and to enjoy the time we spend with each other.

Him: I kind of get turned on knowing that guys get off on our stories and my girlfriend, however we decided that this site is about our swinging experiences and is not a porno blog, so we stopped posting pictures. We may revisit pictures in the future, but it felt that most of the e-mails and feedback we were getting were about the pictures and the pictures were actually the lowest priority for us in regards to the site. As for the second half of the question about maintaining balance, I feel that I don’t have much more to add to what my girlfriend has already said.

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