Ask Us Anything: How is the Manor on Friday for Full Swap Couples?

Question: My girlfriend and i only attend Manor on Saturdays. how is Fri for full swap couples?

Him: We really aren’t in a position to answer that. We’ve only been to the Manor two times. The first time we went was when we were first starting out in the lifestyle and the most recent time was a few weekends ago. One of us will describe that experience in an upcoming post, but to give a brief description…there were a good number of Single Guys and Couples there that Friday night. However it was “Cougar Night” so most couples were over forty. We were fortunate to spot a very attractive couple in their early twenties and have them all to ourselves at a hotel room shortly after meeting them. We know the place was fairly packed when we were there, but we couldn’t tell you who was looking for what.

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