Ask Us Anything: How Long Have you Been Living Together and How Does This Affect Your Swinging Lifestyle?

Question: How long have you been together as a couple? How long have you been living together and how does this effect your swing lifestyle?

Her: We have been together for over 9 years and have lived together for almost the same amount of time. Since we have been together for a very long time even before we decided to try the lifestyle, we feel very comfortable and secure in our relationship and we know that we are in the lifestyle for each other. The lifestyle enhances our relationship and the experiences we have together in a very positive way. We can be open and honest about how the lifestyle makes us feel so we are always on the same page when it comes to who we play with and what we do. I have noticed that other couples we talk to feel more comfortable with us because we have been together for a very long time even though we are not married. I don’t think it really always matters how long you have been in a relationship in order to have a positive experience in the lifestyle. As long as both people are clear on why they are doing it and that they make it about themselves and enjoying it together.

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