Ask Us Anything: What is the Difference Between Club Encounters & Club Possibilities?

Question: is there a difference between club encounters and club possibilities? and is this place worth going to?

Him: Both clubs are located within blocks from each other in West Babylon, Long Island.  We have traditionally chosen Club Encounters over Possibilities but have stopped frequenting the club after what we thought was childish behavior Encounters displayed towards Possibilities.  You can read about those incidents in previous posts on this blog.  We know Encounters had been closed recently but they have just reopened.  Neither club serves alcohol and the signs state you cannot bring alcohol into the clubs, but in reality you can.  They both have play areas, though Encounters has a much better layout and larger play area.  We’ve found that the age range is typically 40+ and on nights that allow Single Men, there are a lot of them.  Many guys will purchase admission to both clubs and just keep going back and forth between the two throughout the night. 

On a side note, we have been told by two people that prostitution occurs at Cherry Bombs, the venue that hosts Encounters.  From what we were told, on certain nights Encounters advertises a free lap dance to Single Men with the admission fee.  Once they go to the area for the lap dance they can have sex with a dancer for a few hundred dollars.  While I personally think prostitution should be legalized, the fact is that it isn’t and the last thing I would like is to be in the middle of play with my girlfriend and either a Single Male, Single Female, or a Couple and the place is raided by the police because prostitution is occurring on the premises.

In the end our view is always that you don't know if you will enjoy a place unless you try.  But it is always good to do a little research first so you know what to expect.  Feel free to ask any follow-up questions :-)

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anytime anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page or using the form attached to the bottom of this Ask Us Anything Post ;-) 

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