Ask Us Anything: Would You Ever Live in a Nudist Colony?

Question: Would you ever live in a nudist colony?

Her: I would not want to live in a nudist colony. From what I have seen on TV they are not very nice looking places (look more like campsites in the middle of nowhere from what I have seen) and it seems they are mostly filled with old and unfit people (not my type). There are even some that allow children and I am not a fan of that either. It might be more interesting to live at a nudist &swingers colony if everyone was attractive, fit and in their 20s - 40s and of course in a warm climate. After awhile though it would just become the norm and wouldn't be too exciting. I do enjoy flashing people and not wearing underwear with skirts and dresses, but if everyone is already expecting it then it wouldn't really be as much fun anymore. I just don't see us ever living in a nudist colony.

Him: No. Nudity with others to me is sexual and nudists are nude because they enjoy being so, not because they look at it sexually. Just a difference of philosophy. Now a swingers colony…maybe. Do those even exist?

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