Sexxy Mofo MFMF Full Swap – Lisa & Lenny (Part 1)

 Background: We met Lisa & Lenny at the Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel Party on February 5th, 2011. We had a full swap with them that night and again at the next Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel Party on March 5th, 2011.

The Following is Written from His Perspective:

A couple we previously played with was going to the Sexxy Mofo party also so we met up with them in the hotel’s bar before the party began. Once ten hit we all headed up to the room. We were doing the rounds, introducing ourselves and really couldn’t figure out who we wanted to play with.

There was one couple where the girl was very attractive but either drunk, stoned, or both. One of the first things she did was tell us she was already extremely horny and wet and grabbed my girlfriends hand and brought it under her dress to touch her pussy (she was wearing no underwear). She asked us to play with her and her boyfriend within that first 5 minutes of talking to us. Too fast for us, we passed.

There was another couple we really clicked with, but at some point pretty early on they both split up and ended up playing in different rooms or something – we really aren’t exactly sure what happened with them.

A really attractive but super young couple, she was around 19, seemed interesting. But they were brand new and the guy was so shy that barely a word came out of his mouth. We had great chemistry with her, but it makes us uncomfortable when the guy half of the couple doesn’t seem relaxed. Later in the night we ended up on the same bed with them and some touching back on forth with the girl while her boyfriend was fucking her from behind, but the boyfriend just stopped and wanted to go home.

In the end, the couple we ended up playing with…we weren’t even expecting to play with.

Lenny and Lisa were brand new to the lifestyle, or at least she was. She never swung before and it was their first party. We had great chemistry with them but our experiences with new couples are so hit or miss. After we spoke to almost every couple at the party my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to play with them. I told her that we have their number and can just make plans down the road since I felt uncomfortable after some of our previous newbie experiences. We were sitting by ourselves at this point chatting about this when Lenny and Lisa came over to us. Lenny asked us if we wanted to go play. I said yes. I know that I just said that we were going to hold off on them, but I have no idea…I just said yes and we proceeded to the bedroom.

I have to say, this first experience didn’t go so well with them. The girls started making out and undressing each other and then Lisa just switched over to me. She was moving a bit too fast. I enjoy a nice build up of girl on girl play preceding the actual swap. I put her on the bed and started to go down on her but she stopped me in under a minute and then went down on me. This too didn’t last long, just seemingly to get me hard. She then laid me on my back and then rode me for about a minute. I then put her in missionary and maybe lasted another minute. I really was disappointed. I think it was just the pace she was going. She was in such a hurry to get things going that it screwed me up and I came too soon. My girlfriend and Lenny played had sex for several minutes while we watched and then Lisa climbed on Lenny and rode him for a couple of minutes until she came. The whole thing was completely my fault as far as I am concerned. I should have slowed her down and took my time.

Since the next time we met with Lenny and Lisa is worth sharing we will post the second half next Saturday :-)

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy.   

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Nice story but lets hear part two now!! Lol.

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