Sexxy Mofo MFMF Full Swap – Lisa & Lenny (Part 2)

Background: We met Lisa & Lenny at the Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel Party on February 5th, 2011. We had a full swap with them that night and again at the next Sexxy Mofo On-Premise Hotel Party on March 5th, 2011.

The Following is Written from His Perspective:

A month later at the party on March 5th, we saw Lisa & Lenny again at the party. We had tried to connect between the parties but our schedules did not work out.

This party was a little different from the one a month ago. There were not as many couples, apparently a few canceled last minute. We made the usual rounds trying to get to know different couples, but none of the other couples at the party really caught our attention or the chemistry wasn't right.  We ended up in one of the bedrooms again with Lisa and Lenny. I failed to describe Lisa in any way during the last post. She is a brunette, thin, in her twenties with an Eastern European look, though she is from the mid-western part of the United States.

This time I knew what to expect from her and things worked out the right way. The girls spent a lot more time with each other, going down on each other and making out. Lisa started sucking my cock and getting me hard. I put her in missionary position and went down on her. When I was ready I fucked her until she came. Lenny had stopped playing with my girlfriend while I was fucking Lisa. I think he was really turned on by how I was fucking her. When we were finished we watched my girlfriend and Lenny have some fun with each other, and then Lenny showed us how he could make Lisa squirt, which he did, then he tried it on my girlfriend, but sadly it didn’t work.  

Lenny and my girlfriend then had sex for a little bit and Lisa and I watched. I got hard again, but Lisa looked done so I let her be.

We did notice a very odd trend at this party.  While we aren't positive, we think we may have been one of the few couples that actually had a full swap there.  Even though there were plenty of attractive couples there, they just didn't seem to be playing.  Some were in various states of dress, but most were split up and spent their time wandering back and forth between bedrooms without actually doing much of anything.  It was actually a turn off to see that.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy.   

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