Ask Us Anything: Is it Sexier for a Woman to Wear a Skirt Commando or With Panties?

Question: Is it sexier for women to wear panties or to walk around with a skirt and no panties on?

Her: I think it is sexy for women to not wear panties. It is exciting and fun to know that someone may catch a glimpse. I never wear panties whenever I wear a dress or a skirt because I enjoy flashing and people thinking they saw something they weren’t supposed to. When we have vanilla parties I never wear panties either and I am pretty sure most of our friends have seen my pussy by now. We did this even before we started swinging and I thought that it was so naughty, but now it is competently normal for me and I don’t even think about whether I should wear panties anymore. At swinger parties is pretty well known by now that I never wear panties or a bra. I really get off on the naughtiness of it and then talking to my boyfriend about it afterwards. Panties can be sexy too, but I always prefer to go commando.

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