Ask Us Anything: Is there Anything You Are Just Completely Opposed to Doing Sexually?

Question: Is there anything sexually that one of you would not do for the other, no matter how much your partner wanted it? Anything you're just completely opposed to?

Her: I don’t think there is anything that my boyfriend would want me to do that I wouldn’t want to, but there are definitely several things that I would not want to do and I am sure most people wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t want anything to do with golden showers, poop, animals, and hard core S&M or bondage (being tied up is fun, some hair pulling and ass smacking is fine though).

Him: I think that boundaries are meant to be respected and everyone is entitled to them. I'm not into the cuckold humiliation fetish and would absolutely not entertain such a request, nor am I open to the idea of a dominatrix/slave scenario.

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