Ask Us Anything: Why Not Have a Swingers Blog and a Separate Nude Photos Blog?

Question: I understand you do not want this blog to turn into a site where men and women use your photographs to pleasure themselves, but have you thought about creating another site to post your photos for the visual pleasure of your guests? (continued from previous question)...the blog could be for the serious swinger updates/information and the photograph site could be pleasing both of you...knowing someone is getting off on your photos...if you want that.

Him: Not interested. We love fucking new people, hence all the threesomes, foursomes and moresomes we've had. But taking photos of each other naked really just doesn't do much for us. Whenever we want to update our photos on the lifestyle services we do it, but otherwise it is just so time consuming.

In addition, just running this blog takes a lot of time and energy. We really just don't have the desire to dedicate additional time to a separate blog. Remember, we are swingers, not adult entertainers. There are plenty of attractive women and men out there that post their pictures without their eyes blocked, etc. that are far better to follow if that is what you are looking for.

Remember: You can ask us any questions you like anytime anonymously via the form under "Ask Us Anything" on the right hand side of this page or using the form attached to the bottom of this Ask Us Anything Post ;-) 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog.

clubs liberales said...

We are planning to create a swingers blog and I do think that this idea is so great. I believe separating the nude photos will make the blog more attractive for all the viewers.

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