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You can add us as a friend on Facebook by clicking the following link:

We created this account specifically for interacting with those who read our blog and others in the lifestyle. We both keep separate vanilla accounts but only share it with those we meet in the vanilla world or those we’ve come to trust in the lifestyle. Things to know about the profile:

- The friend list is blocked for everyone’s privacy. This means others who are friends with us cannot see that you are on our friends list.

- The actual account allows absolutely no information to be available unless you are friends with the account. That means if you friend us and another one of your friends clicks on the status update on your wall to see who your new friend is, they won’t see that we are swingers or anything of the sort.

- All our posts are simultaneously posted on our wall so you will be able to see them on the Facebook main page when you log in.

- We ask if you add us to add us with your regular Facebook account if you plan on interacting with us. We are not really into the whole “I made a fake account and have absolutely nothing in it but think this will be an easy way to get to know you two better” approach.

- We do post actual photos of us on there (non-nude). However, if your account has little to no friends and no pictures you will be prevented from seeing our photos.

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