Ask Us Anything: Are Kids in Your Future? What Kind of Birth Control Do You Use & Will Kids Change Your Sex Life?

Question: Are kids something you two are thinking about? What kind of birth control are you using and do you think having kids will change your sex life?

Her: We have discussed having children and the circumstances for when and if we would have them, but in reality I don’t see it happening. We both agree that we love our freedom and the ability to go wherever and do whatever whenever we want without having to worry about kids. We even do not want any pets because of that. We are very happy the way we are and wouldn’t want to ruin it by having kids when we are not ready. Maybe when we are older we will change our minds.

I take birth control pills and we use condoms when we swing. I think kids would definitely change our sex life and not for the better. First of all we have seen what having kids does to a woman’s body and it isn’t very pretty. Saggy deflated boobs from breast feeding, stretch marks, scars from c-sections, and loose pussies sometimes. I think any woman that has kids should have a boob job. Not to mention that kids need tons of attention and are exhausting. Right now, we can have sex whenever we want. I think that kids limit the amount and the times at which you can have sex. So as you can tell there are no kids in our immediate future, but you never what might change our minds.

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