Ask Us Anything: Ever Run Into Someone at a Swingers Party That You Knew Professionally?

Question: Was there any time you two ever came across a couple or person at a swingers party that you knew in the professional working world? If yes, did you all play or do something else?

Her: This hasn’t happened to us yet at a party, but we have talked about and if it did happen we would just own it and not get worked up about it. We have told plenty of friends about what we do and some people are weird about it and others find it really cool and interesting. We swing for us and not anyone else so we don’t really care what they think. If they can’t handle then so be it. In the case of running into someone from the professional world we probably wouldn’t play with them unless it was a single girl because we don’t want anything weird to go on and have it affect our jobs or career in the long term. We would just be really friendly and do our own thing and let them do theirs.

Him: A friend from high school once messaged us on Swing Life Style (SLS). We also found a couple whose male half we know from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the site as well and we've contacted them to say hi so it wouldn't be odd if we just ran into them at a party. That is the extent of running into people we know, no one professionally. But as my girlfriend mentions above, we don't make apologies for our lifestyle choice and we wouldn't be embarrassed if we ran into someone we knew professionally, however it is very doubtful we would end up playing with them.

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