Ask Us Anything: I Want to Go to a Swingers Club But Can't Get the Nerve to Do it. Suggestions?

Question: Hi there.Just found your sight. I am an attractive 36 yr old that alwasy want to go to a swingers club but just cant get the nerve to do it. Any suggestions? Never thought of myself going to one but want to so bad

Her: You could ease your way into it by going to an off-premise club first. You won’t get to see any action, but it will give you the opportunity to talk to couples that are in the lifestyle and there is always the possibility that they would be willing to go to a hotel or back to your place for some fun. Here are a few tips and things you should keep in mind when you go to a swing club:

(1) Dress well. You should wear either dress pants or a nice pair of dark jeans and a nice dress shirt or polo shirt. Never wear sneakers, t-shirts, or sweats. You want to present yourself to a couple in a clean, well put together and respectful manner. Trust me, you will stand out. Most single guys do not dress to impress.

(2) Don’t be shy: At swing clubs it is highly unlikely a couple will approach you so you have to be ready to make the first move and introduce yourself. Most likely the couple will happy you came over to talk to them. When you do talk to a couple don’t ignore the guy, but you should be focusing a little more on the girl and just be fun and flirty. This will get you a lot further than most of the single guys at clubs that just end up sitting on a couch jerking off to porn all night.

(3) Try not to follow a couple around all night and not talk to them. We see this a lot and obviously this is pretty creepy behavior. The more you talk to couples the more chances you have that they will interested in you.

Him: Sometimes you just have to do things in life and there is really nothing anyone can say to you that will give you any more motivation or drive to do. Figure out what club you are going to, get ready to go out and just go there.

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