Ask Us Anything: Rimjobs (Licking Butt) - Any Thoughts on That?

Question: Rimjobs (licking butt), any thoughts on that?

Her: I really have no desire to lick anyone’s butt or have my butt licked by anyone. Sometimes people try to do it to me, but I stop them and they are fine with it. I am not sure if it feels good because I just get freaked out if they even just lick around that area a little. I also have never done it to anyone. It is just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, especially if you are going to be kissing and licking pussy or giving a blow job after. It just screams infection to me.

Him: This does not turn me on in the least.

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Anonymous said...

i have done it before. licking the ass of other women and be licked by a woman. it was fantastic and the best thing i ve ever done. she put her tongue into my ass and it was really was an unforgetable experience

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