Party Review: The Mayor’s House Party

On Friday, May 6th we attended the Mayor’s House Party in Dix Hills, Long Island. We found out about the party by posting an ad on Swing Life Style (SLS)’s “Hot Date” feature which stated that we were free that Friday night and looking for a house party to attend on Long Island. The host messaged us with an invitation.

The Following Is Written From His Perspective

We were told the party was free for Couples, but Single Men had to pay sixty dollars and bring a bottle of vodka. Couples were asked to bring finger food. We made fried chicken strips in our deep fryer and brought a bottle of vodka. We were the second Couple to arrive at the party.

Number of Guests, Age Range and Attractiveness

There were less than ten Single Men and approximately fifteen Couples. The age range appeared to be late thirties to mid-fifties. We were probably the youngest Couple there. As for attractiveness, none of the Couples were attractive.  There were several couples whose women were bbw and a few of the couples looked like they were dressed to go weekend shopping at Costco. My girlfriend found several of the Single Men to be attractive and they were all complete gentlemen.

Food and Drink

We were the only couple to bring food we cooked other than whichever couple brought the Swedish Meatballs. One or two couples brought wine and we were the only couple to bring liquor. However that did not appear to stop the couples and single men from drinking our vodka. At some point we had to keep it with us so we would have something to drink. This raised the question as to what happened to all the Vodka the single men were supposed to bring? We were told by another guest that the host was hording the bottles in his freezer. Not cool.


The house was a good sized house with a nice floor plan that allowed for easy communication between rooms. There was a pool out back, though it wasn’t open yet and a nice sized hot tub which we enjoyed. There were three bedrooms for use, however the host does not allow any of the doors to be shut. One or perhaps two of the rooms had chains which indicated that if the chain was going across the entry way, no one was allowed to enter.

The Host

The host was extremely friendly, other than that there doesn’t seem like much else to say about him. From what we understand, he is part of a couple, but his wife/girlfriend was not at the party.

Vibe of the Party

We didn’t play with anyone. Couples did play with each other and with the single guys, but to us, couples are why we swing. Single Guys are just dessert for my girlfriend. If we aren’t connecting with any couples, we just aren’t in a playing mood. Considering we were told that at one time in the past this party was very popular and would attract dozens upon dozens of couples, this particular party, which seemed to have been the host’s return to the lifestyle scene after a long hiatus, fell flat.

Future Parties

We received an invitation for the next party on Saturday, June 25th at 10 p.m. It is $50 for couples and $70 for single men. Ten dollar discount if you use paypal. The event is BYOB, but mixers, hot food and snacks will be provided. The hot tub and pool will be open.

We most likely will pass on this party. We find it best to only attend parties that are geared towards single men on Fridays since so many great couples only parties occur on Saturday night. Also, a 10 p.m. start time is extremely late considering so few people actually show up to these parties at the start time.

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