Party Review: Duke & Gina’s Sunday Evening Party

Background: We were invited to a party in Queens by Duke_Gina on Swing Lifestyle (SLS). Typically parties in the lifestyle are on Friday and Saturday nights, very few fall on other days, especially house/apartment parties. The party was free so we felt we had nothing to lose by attending. At the very least we get a blog post out of it ;-)

The Following is Written from His Perspective:

As typically is the case, we were the first to arrive. The hosts were extremely nice. He lists himself as 48 on the SLS profile, though we thought he was significantly older. She was clearly younger than he was, though I doubt she is the age listed on their profile (35). They both were able to provide recent HIV tests, though the test result sheets they provided were only for HIV and listed no other STD results. Duke informed us that he cannot have sex without a condom and will only play bareback and requires any woman he plays with to go to the local clinic to be tested so he can see the results.

After about an hour another couple, Alex and Melissa, arrived. They seemed to be in their forties. She was Latin and attractive. My girlfriend was not attracted to Alex at all. To top it off, they were soft-swap only. Gina and the soft-swap couple headed to the bedroom to play while we chatted with Duke. He told us other couples were expected and he knew of at least one that was definitely coming.

After some time in the bedroom, the Gina, Alex and Melissa returned. The three of them and Duke began light playing around us and at some point the Alex asked my girlfriend if he could go down on her. She declined. Not too long after they called it a night.

Duke insisted at least one couple was coming and we would love them or maybe it was that they would love us. They were an Indian couple. Susan was young and very attractive. John was very friendly, but much older. It turned out they were only open to girl-on-girl. Duke was very aggressive with Susan and she was very firm in her position that she wasn’t interested. A back and forth between them went on for awhile with him attempting to flirt and her repeatedly turning him down and we decided it was time to leave. It was obvious no other couples were coming.
On the way out Gina gave us a piece of paper with their SLS screen name and they both told us that if we certified them they would do so in return.

A few days later we did just that. We wrote a truthful certification, saying that they were friendly and attentive hosts. Almost a month passed and they never certified us in return. While we would have certified them regardless, we did feel that it was inappropriate to ask for a certification, say you would give one in return, and then not give one. During that time they held several more Sunday evening parties, received quite a few additional certifications and had given quite a few certifications themselves.

We had absolutely no intention of contacting them again, but recently received a message from them. The subject line indicated they had 45 certifications that we should check out and the message body indicated that they were having a party on Sunday if we were interested. This is the same type of message they sent us during our first message exchange and gave us the impression that not only were they not going to certify us, but they had absolutely no idea we certified them to begin with or even attended their party. So we removed the certification we gave them. The first time we’ve ever done so.

Then they blocked us. For what reason, I haven’t the faintest idea. They didn’t message us and ask why we removed the certification or find out if it was an error by SLS, they just blocked us. The people you meet in this lifestyle can be bizarre sometimes.

Take this party review for what it is worth. Their prior parties and future ones may be better, but judging by those that certified them, most weren’t the type of couples we are interested in. However, our view always is that you have very little to lose by checking out a new party and can always be surprised by how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I host parties in queens and have had a similar bad experience with this couple, they are very pushy.
I ended up blocking them which I rarely do to a couple.

Anonymous said...

Friends of ours were pressured by them for certs also, and now they are on bad terms. Also, we were just blocked for no reason. I guess their just a bit off.

Dick Strong said...

I felt stressed just reading about the whole situation...Its better off not dealing with them in the future anyway.

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