Roberto's All White Party + MFMF Full Swap

Background: On Saturday, June 4th, we attended the Roberto’s All White Party on Long Island. It was an off-premise party at a bar in Huntington. Even though it was an off-premise party we decided to give it a try since a couple we are friends with was going and entry was free.

The Following is Written from Both His & Her Perspectives

Her: The venue itself was decent, but the music was too loud to enjoyably talk with people. One strange thing about the party was that that it was not a closed event. Vanilla customers were there playing pool and hanging out with their friends. The sad part was that the vanilla customers, both male and female, were way more attractive than the swingers that were for the party. The swingers were older and on the heavy side. Early on our friends decided to leave because the music was too loud for them and they didn’t find the crowd appealing. We decided to stay and see what happens. You never know who may walk in late and we had nothing else going on so why not just stick it out.

Him: There have been many times when we just weren’t feeling a party and decided to wait it out and ended up connecting with a really fun and attractive couple.

Her: The day of this party we messaged several couples we saw on the Guest list and encouraged them to come say hi if they saw us at the party. One of those couples saw us and we talked to them a little bit. I asked the female half of the couple when the last time she was tested for HIV and STDs and she told me that she hadn’t been tested in three and a half years. I don’t understand how you can be in this lifestyle and never get tested for that long. So we scratched them off the list of potential playmates.

Him: During this time I noticed an attractive girl by the dance area eyeing me up. At first I couldn’t figure out who her boyfriend/husband was because she was alone for quite awhile. I pointed her out to my girlfriend.  Later I found find out she was from El Salvador.  She was a very cute brunette, about 5'6, thin, with small perky breasts.

Her: Once we saw who the boyfriend was, we thought the guy gave off an a-hole type vibe and decided not to bother talking to them. A bit later on, after our friends left, we saw them at the bar talking to a couple that we had met before, but hadn’t really connected with. We were getting really bored though so once that other couple, Rob and Stephanie, moved on, we decided to give them a try and introduced ourselves to them. Their names are Kyle and Gina. The guy turned out to be really cool and fun. They were both from South America. We hung out with them for a while and at one point they asked if we wanted to go back to their place. We said yes and got their address and phone number.

Him: Even though we just made plans, Kyle and Gina still wanted to party. The two of them drank enough to kill a small elephant and didn’t look like they had any intention of easing up. Rob and Stephanie came back from wherever they went and didn’t seem too happy that we were talking to them. Rob started speaking to Kyle in Spanish. We already had our plans set with them and didn’t want to get involved with any drama so we introduced ourselves to a very attractive couple nearby to occupy us until we left with Kyle and Gina.

Her: We talked to the new couple, Kris and Allie, at the bar and they were also with a single guy named Steve. We actually knew Steve from Encounters, but when he told us that we met before we completely blanked and did not remember him. When we met him he was with a girl and we went into one of the play rooms to play, but the girl was really new and nervous and decided that she didn’t want to stay. After two minutes of talking with the three of them I had a flashback and remembered him. It was pretty embarrassing and I felt really bad. We sort of played with them and we completely forgot. How bad is that? Kris and Allie were really cool though, but we already committed to the other couple so we got their phone number and are planning to see them at the Hampton’s Party on July 9th. Hopefully we get to hang out with them there.

Him: After making plans to meet with Kris and Allie at the Hampton’s Party we turned our attention back to Kyle and Gina. It looks like Rob and Stephanie drank themselves out the picture and couldn’t keep up with Kyle and Gina. Thankfully we stayed sober the entire night knowing that if we were going to play we would have to drive to either a hotel or the other couple’s house.

Her: When we went back to Kyle and Gina to see if they were ready to go. They just had a shot and were now drinking long island ice teas. They were super drunk and I had no idea how they were going to drive home at this point. Gina even told us that Kyle’s license was suspended and that she would have to drive home. I really don’t understand how people drink and drive. I was just glad that we had our own car because there was no way we would go with them. They both chugged their last drinks so we could head out.

Once at their place Kyle made us a drink and put on some music. Then all of a sudden we started hearing people talking outside and it sounded like they were yelling for Kyle. A few seconds later about 8 young guys and girls barged into the house. They were probably about 18 years old. We had no idea what was going on. Kyle told us they were his tenants and that they do this all the time and he was very sorry. At that point I thought, well there goes our night. These kids seemed like they were never going to leave. They turned the music up even louder and started a dance party in the living room. They must have known something was going on between the four of us since we were all dressed in all white.

Kyle got them to at least go in the backyard and then we started to dance together. We took a break on the couch and Gina started to give me and my boyfriend a lap dance while Kyle was playing with the music. She started taking her shirt off and I was just thinking that those kids are going to come barging back in any second. Then Kyle came back and picked me up to bring me to the other couch and started to give me a lap dance. I never got a lap dance from a guy before, but it was fun and he was really into it. Then he tried to go down on me, but I just was paranoid about the people in the back just coming into the house while we were in the middle of playing in the living room. I told him we should all go into the bedroom.

We moved to the bedroom which was still on the first floor, but at least we had some more privacy in case they came back in. Both Kyle and Gina were aggressive and they just went right for the switch. There was no girl on girl action which is how we normally like to start. After a few minutes my boyfriend and Gina were already having sex and Kyle was still going down on me.

Him: Gina did not waste any time. Some girls are just not into foreplay. As soon as I put my cock in her she started telling me how she was into me the moment she saw me. When girls talk like that to me it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I love sleeping with new girls, but to me it is just sex, but to many people sex is much more significant, especially if they haven’t yet slept with a good number of people.

Her: We had the light on the room and while I was laying back on the bed getting eat out by Kyle I looked up at the window and saw a girl watching us. We made eye contact and she ran away. Kyle also noticed and immediately turned off the light. I wonder what she was thinking after seeing us. This was such a bizarre night so far.

Kyle made me cum and then I went down on him. He had a really big dick and was looking forward to trying it out. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and I gave him a condom. I should have given him a magnum though because he was really big. He fucked how I like it, hard and fast. I was surprised because guys usually like to pace themselves so they don’t cum. I was enjoying it for about 20 minutes and thought he will probably cum soon.

Him: I was fucking Gina at a very good pace and by this time already put her in several different positions. After about a half an hour of fucking her though I was getting a bit bored. After thirty minutes, if she hasn’t cum, she isn’t going to and I was thoroughly satisfied. I looked over at Kyle and typically, if the other guy is still going, I will hold off cumming because I simply hate just sitting there watching after I’ve cum. However because he was pounding her harder than most guys I figured it was safe to cum and like my girlfriend thought, he would probably cum soon. We were both very wrong.

Her: To our surprise Kyle lasted about 2 hours. The guy would just not cum. I even asked him if he was going to cum and he said yes. At one point he freaked out because he was about to cum and then he pulled out. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t like for the guy not to cum because that is just probably disappointing for the guy so I let him go again, but if he didn’t cum soon I was going to have to stop. It was starting to actually hurt.

Him: For some reason Kyle kept telling Gina to get me hard again. It takes a little while to recover after I cum and this poor girl just kept blowing me until I got hard again. I probably would have gotten hard sooner if not for the fact that she had braces and wasn’t very skilled in giving head. Once I got hard again I fucked her doggy style for a bit.

Her: Kyle went to the bathroom at one point so while my boyfriend was fucking Gina doggy style she started to eat me out. It is always a really hot position to be in. I was just a little nervous because Gina actually has braces so I was scared for my pussy’s well-being. Nothing happened but I wasn’t able to cum because I was just too nervous about it.

Him: When Kyle came back from the bathroom he began fucking my girlfriend again. Gina decided she wanted to start blowing me again, however her way of going about it just wasn’t doing it for me and I lost my erection.

Her: After two hours of sex, eating me out, sex, eating me out, sex and more sex he finally came. In the end it was a lot of fun. I just wish it didn’t take as long as it did because I just got really sore and my boyfriend was not getting good head from Gina while he waited to be able to fuck her again. She was a licker not a sucker. After Kyle finished fucking me I gave my boyfriend a blow job and was able to make him come in like three minutes. I guess I know what I am doing ;-)

Even after we were getting dressed Kyle was still trying to get me to play again. He was just like an energizer bunny. It was about 4 a.m. when we left and he was still blasting the music. It was so loud that the entire block could hear it. Thankfully nobody called the cops. It is doubtful we would have heard them and having a bunch of cops come into the bedroom while we were all playing would have been awkward.

It was definitely another unexpected night. For some reason we normally find at least one attractive couple that we connect with even in a crowd of duds. But this will definitely qualify as another one of our strange swinger stories :-)

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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