Ask Us Anything: Do You Play With Any Couples or Singles on a Consistent Basis?

Question: Do you two have particular couples, males, or females that you play with on a consistent basis?

Her: There is only one couple that we play with on a somewhat consistent basis, but generally we have a rule that we don’t play with a couple more than once a month. This way it will limit the likelyhood anyone will develop any feelings or attachments.

We have played with that couple four times over the past nine months. We hit it off with them at the Hampton’s party last summer, but didn’t get to play with them the first time we met. We felt we connected with them on more than just a sexual level and that they were really cool people. We met them again at the next Hampton’s party and that time we played with them and had a blast. We exchanged numbers and made plans to get dinner sometime after that and ended up going back to their place to play. They are both very attractive and we connect on an intellectual level as well. We went out to dinner with them again a few months later, but this time she had her period which caught us by surprise so we were a bit disappointed, but had a good time anyway. We tried the same thing a month later and that time we were able to play again at that their place. The last time we saw them they were staying in a hotel in the city and invited to join them and some of their other swinger friends for drinks. We really were not interested in their friends and were hoping they would leave so that we could just go back to the room with them alone. Their friends weren’t really into playing that much anyway so we did get to enjoy a fun night of playing at their hotel room. 

We’ve played with other couples more than once, but not on any consistent basis. We typically leave Fridays open for vanilla plans and meeting with couples we’ve already played with and when we attend parties like to play with new couples. As a result we don’t frequently play with the same couples more than ones.

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