Ask Us Anything: We are Beginners & Want to Start Slow – Any Recommendations on Venues?

Question: Have you guys ever attended the Skin parties in NYC? We've been wanting to go but we're a bit spectacle. We are beginners and want to start off slow any recommendations on venues?

Her: We have never been to the Skin parties, but we did see it on an episode of Dateline or one of those types of shows where a segment on the Skin party was featured. Based on the segment, it appeared that most of the people that attend those parties aren’t really into swinging as much as they are interested in dancing and possibly finding a female to have a threesome with. If you are into dancing with young attractive and somewhat open minded people then it might be a good party to try. Perhaps some of our readers have been to a Skin party and will be kind enough to share their experience in the comments section.

Him: When starting out you might want to focus on Off-Premise venues such as the Manor on Long Island which are not as intimidating as On-Premise venues. If you are bold perhaps try Taste or Checkmates in Manhattan. Remember that you do not have to ever do anything you are not comfortable with. Do not be afraid to say no or no thank you.

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