Ask Us Anything: What is the Most People You’ve Both Had Sex With at One Time?

Question: What is the most people you both have had sex with at the same time? Any orgies...6-7-8-+ people??

Her: We definitely aren’t the type to just jump into an orgy and not care who we play with, but we have had a few occasions where we played with more than one couple at a time. There have also been a lot of times where we have been in a big play room with tons of people having sex, but we were just playing with one other couple or by ourselves. There were two times at house parties that my boyfriend had sex with two different girls in a row. I personally haven’t had that experience, but did do some soft play, mostly touching with multiple people. I prefer to stick with one couple at a time though for safety reasons. I don’t like having people I don’t know trying to play with me and we always ask people when they were last tested for HIV/STDs so there isn’t much opportunity to do that in a big orgy. I would be awesome to try though if I knew everyone was safe beforehand and just go wild.

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