Ask Us Anything: Where Do You Leave Your Clothes When You Play?

Question: I have a very practical question: When you get naked at a club, where do you leave your clothes, wallet, etc? Are there typically lockers, or is it just a matter of trust? I imagine belongings could get legitimately lost or mixed up with other's stuff.

Him: We both take our clothes off near or next to the bed we play on. If there are not a lot of people in the play area we will place them directly next to the bed. If there are a lot of people in the room we will place our clothes further away so no one will accidentally trample on them and perhaps damage my phone in the process.

There was only one instance where belongings got mixed up and that had absolutely nothing to do with us placing our clothes next to or near the bed we played on. While in a non play area a couple of the girls at the party decided they wanted to strip me right there and one of them took my shirt off and handed it to the hostess who proceeded to hang it up in a closet. When it was time to head out at the end of the party I couldn’t find my shirt. Apparently another guest thought it was his and took it.

We have never been robbed at a swingers party and know of no one that has had their wallet or belongings intentionally stolen. However we do know of people who have lost socks or underwear.

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