Taste Swingers Party - MFMF (Foursome) Full Swap

Background: On Saturday, July 2, 2011 we attended Taste for the first time. Taste is a weekly party that is located in a loft in midtown Manhattan. It is Couples/Single Females only and costs $120 for admission. An addition $20 will provide you access to an open bar.

The Following is Written from Both His & Her Perspectives

Her: We finally decided to go to Taste. We have always heard great reviews of the party from people we have met and wanted to go for a long time. The club itself is in a very large loft style apartment with two large play areas. The music was at a very good volume so that you could actually talk to people without shouting. The hosts are awesome and the guests were all very young and attractive. I would say this is the best club we have been to so far.

We were the first couple to arrive. As the party began to fill up, we were very happy with the caliber of couples that were arriving. We knew a few of the couples there too, which seems to be happening a lot lately because we are so active in the lifestyle.

Many of the couples we spoke to were either new to the lifestyle or soft swap. We were getting a little worried that we wouldn’t meet the right couple that night.

Him: Because there were so many attractive couples we decided to split up to maximize the amount of couples we spoke to. We typically stay together but this seemed to be the best strategy at this party. At some point I noticed my girlfriend talking with a couple that looked interesting so I decided to join in on the conversation and introduce myself. The girl was an attractive blonde, nice body with a pretty smile.

Her: We spent a lot of time talking to Jen and Kyle, a new couple to the lifestyle visiting from out of town for the weekend. We had good chemistry with them and kept reconnecting with them throughout the night. However, they were only soft swap. We were trying to find the right couple to connect with but we just couldn’t seem to find what we were looking for. At some point we began chatting with a guy who seemed very interested, his name was John. He was in his mid-forties, had a good body and fun personality. His girlfriend, Rachel, was sitting on a couch nearby talking to an older man.

Him: Because we were spending so much time talking with John, I thought it was time to begin interacting with his girlfriend. Rachel was a very attractive brunette, in her late twenties, thin and had a nice chest. I introduced myself but I got the very clear impression that she was not interested in me and she resumed her interaction with the older gentlemen. We moved on from Rachel and John and several minutes later found them in one of the play areas.

Her: We made some small talk with them. They said they had to go home to walk their dog, but lived very close to the club and wanted to know if we would want to meet them at their place in about an hour. We said yes and exchanged numbers with them.

Him: We had texted them after about twenty minutes to see what their address was and if we should meet up with them, but they didn’t respond. We ended up talking to Jen and Kyle again. We decided that at this point everyone was with whoever they were going to hook up with and we had nothing to lose by trying to see if we could get Jen and Kyle to go full swap.

Her: I kissed Jen at one point and I think she liked it. She liked it enough to let me pull her into the play room and go onto this huge bean bag type thing. It is too bad there wasn’t any room on one of the real beds. I started to take off her clothes and I took off my dress too. Kyle and my boyfriend watched a little before joining in. I went down on her and then my boyfriend started to make out with her and both guys started to take off their clothes. I had no idea how far we could get them to go, but we were going to try anyway. We ended up swapping to the guys and Kyle went down on me and my boyfriend went down on Jen. For some reason I came pretty quickly (well quicker than usual) so then I went down on Kyle. He had a pretty big cock so I was hoping that we would get to go all the way. After a while of going down on Kyle and Jen sucking my boyfriend’s cock, my boyfriend grabbed a condom and so did Kyle. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting this to go so smoothly. My boyfriend got the condom on and everything.

Him: I went to penetrate her but the angle of the bean bag was odd and a little steep. Jen moved back a bit. I got the feeling she wasn’t ready yet. Right at that moment I felt our phone vibrate in my girlfriend’s bag by my leg. I was hoping it was Rachel and John. I decided to give one more go with Jen, so I tried to enter again but this time she stopped me and told me she wasn’t ready. I took off the condom, threw it in a waste basket and told her no problem. I told her I would be right back, that I had to use the restroom and I took my girlfriend’s purse with me to check the phone.

Her: When Jen told my boyfriend she wasn’t ready, Kyle looked disappointed. So then we just decided to stop and get dressed. She said she was sorry, but we don’t hold anything against her because we knew that she probably wasn’t ready, but you never how things will change once you get naked. We exchanged numbers with them and told them to let us know when they are coming back to NY. We haven’t heard from them yet and I don’t think we ever will.

Him: While in the bathroom I checked our messages and saw that Rachel and John wanted to know if we were still interested in coming over. I messaged them back saying we would be there in ten minutes and got their address. I then cleaned myself up and headed back out to the party.

Her: After that my boyfriend told me that the other couple, Rachel and John, texted us to come over if we were still up for it. He told me he heard the phone go off when Jen told him she wasn’t ready to have sex yet. Apparently this is why he gave up so easy lol. We had a full swap couple waiting for us. We got cleaned up and grabbed a cab over to their apartment. We were not expecting them to call us at all.

When we got to their apartment, Rachel asked me if I wanted to get dressed up in some sexy outfits she had. This was a first, but I thought why not if this is what will turn them on it sounds like fun. We went into one of the bedrooms and she took out a whole bunch of outfits. I chose a black lacey lingerie thing that looked good and she changed into a sexy pink outfit. She took us all into their bedroom and we didn’t waste any time taking off the sexy outfits that we picked out. They wanted to take pictures, but we told them we don’t do pictures.

Him: I was surprised about the whole lingerie thing. My girlfriend never wears underwear to lifestyle parties. This was the first time any Couple had her put MORE clothes on, lol.

Her: I went down on her for a minute and then she wanted to try to go down on me. It was her first time eating out a girl and she was good at it. Most of the girls that go down on me are either pretty good at or I am just easy to please down there. She also went to get a cup of ice and she would put the ice cube in her mouth and go down on me which actually felt very good. She said she really liked it too. Maybe too much, because then John wanted to get in on the action she said no and wanted to completely focus on my boyfriend.

Him: It was a beautiful sight watching this hot girl go down on my girlfriend while I fingered and fucked her from behind. After Rachel wanted some one on one time with me, I turned her over into missionary.

Her: John went down on me and he made me come. This was going really well. Then I got to watch my boyfriend and Rachel have sex while I got fucked really good by John. He had a big cock and used it well. Rachel came pretty quickly and then she told my boyfriend to come. I think that is one of the best things a girl can tell a guy because I am sure it is hard for guys to keep going when they turned on so much.

Him: I was surprised Rachel came so fast. I was only fucking her for a couple of minutes. She looked extremely satisfied and told me she wanted me to cum too. She then turned herself over on her stomach and kept her legs together while I penetrated her from behind. When I fuck a girl on her stomach, for whatever reason, my stamina goes out the window. I think it is the depth my cock goes into the girl’s pussy, it is just too overwhelming for me. I think I only lasted a couple of more minutes.

Her: A minute or two after my boyfriend and Rachel finished John and I also finished. Always nice to finish about the same time.

After we chatted with them for a while and then we called it a night. It ended up being a very good night and we definitely look forward to go back to Taste and hopefully meeting up with Rachel and John again.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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