Hamptons All White Party - MFMF (Foursome) Full Swap

Background: On Saturday, July 9th we attended the Hamptons Party’s Annual White Party on Long Island. The party started at 3 p.m. with approximately 75-100 couples in attendance.

The Following is Written from Both His & Her Perspectives

Her: Even though we’ve been to many of their parties, we really enjoyed their White Party last summer, so we were really looking forward to attending this one. We wanted to arrive at 3 p.m. like we did last summer so we could enjoy the pool and get to meet people as they were arriving. However, this year we did not arrive until about 7 p.m. because we went skydiving in upstate New York in the morning and it took longer than expected to skydive, drive home and get ready and then get to the party.

When we got to the party it was almost like a swingers’ reunion. I couldn’t believe how many friends we have made in this lifestyle. At first we mingled with the people we knew and then we got introduced to a new couple who we briefly chatted online the month before. They were very attractive, but new to the lifestyle and had only had two soft swaps. The girl said that they were both open to full swap though. I enjoyed getting to know her and got their contact info. My boyfriend and I figured that it was early in the night and we would like to try and meet some more couples before committing to a couple that is new to the lifestyle. While we didn’t play with that couple at the party, we did meet them again at a party a couple of weeks ago (end of August) and had a full swap. That experience still has yet to be written ;-)

Him: There was a couple we met at the Roberto’s All White Party that we really clicked with. They had said they would be at this party so we were hoping that we would run into them. A few hours after we arrived we did.

Her: We really liked them and hoped they would be here. Their names were Allie and Kris. We are all happy to see each other. They were also with Steve, a guy we had met some time ago at Encounters and who was also at the Roberto’s party. He was with Holly, a girl that he had just started dating and it was her first swinger’s party. She was very attractive brunette with a nice tan. We all were hanging out for a long time drinking and talking on the deck. We were having a great time, but wanted to get things heading into the bedroom, but it can be a hard task when there are multiple couples around and people are having a good time. It also seemed like Allie and Holly were getting along really well and it can be difficult to separate two girls that have great chemistry.

Then our little party traveled downstairs to the pool area and Allie and Holly ended up going to sit on a hammock while the guys were talking by the pool. My boyfriend went to use the bathroom so I went to go look for him so he would be able to find us. Then we headed over to Allie and Holly. My boyfriend and I were ready to play, so we asked if Allie would like to go checkout the bedroom with us and of course bring Kris. She wanted to have another drink first, but Kris was like let’s just go and so we went. We took them to our usual spot, which is the basement bedroom. We like to get this bedroom because it is very private and we usually get it all to ourselves.

Him: When we know we want to play with a couple we don’t like to waste time. A lot of couples can just “hang out” all night and nothing happens because no one actually initiates play. We are normally ready to play after thirty minutes to an hour of getting to know a couple.

Her: When we got to the bedroom we didn’t waste any time. Allie and I started making out and taking clothes off right away. She is really passionate, but also likes to move around a lot. We played just the two of us for a little bit and then the guys joined in. Kris and I didn’t really have too much room on the bed because Allie was just all over. Kris ate me out and I came pretty quick. Then I went down on him and he really liked it. He was very fit and had a good size cock. He wanted to have sex, but I like to wait until my boyfriend is ready so I kept blowing him.

Him: Allie was a very attractive brunette. Based on her personality (she was a bit wild) I thought she would be a blast in bed, but from the moment my cock penetrated her she was spazzing out all over the bed. It seemed as though she had an oversensitive vagina, because with every thrust she just would not stop squirming. I got the impression she was really enjoying it, but it was making it extremely difficult to find a rhythm. At some point I just brought her legs together while in missionary and put a bit of weight on her so she couldn’t move as much and fucked her as hard and fast as I could to cum because I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had wanted.

Her: I enjoyed watching my boyfriend fuck Allie. It was a nice sight as always. Then I gave Kris a condom and he fucked me missionary. It felt really good, but didn’t last too long. We got interrupted by another couple looking around. As soon as they opened the door the guy left, but the girl just stood there. We told her to close the door, but she could of course stay if she wanted to. She left lol. Then we were back to fucking. I think it threw him off because he didn’t last too much longer after that, but it was really good while it lasted. After the guys were done Allie was all over me again just kissing and touching. She was just squirming all over me. Later I would come to realize that I got cuts on my hand and thigh from her belly ring. She was definitely a wild one. I still have a mark on my leg from her. After a little fooling around with Allie we got dressed and headed our separate ways.

Him: We didn’t play again that night. After arriving late and having such an exciting and long day, we just hung out and relaxed for the rest of the party.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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