New Jersey House Party - MFMF (Foursome) Full Swap

Background: On Friday, July 22, 2011 we attended a house party in Totowa, New Jersey. We have been to many of their parties and always have a great time. At this party there were about 15 couples and a single guy.

The Following is Written from Both His & Her Perspectives

Her: The hosts sent out the guest list for the party that contained the Swing Life Style (SLS) screen names of those attending, so of course we checked out who was going. Usually we can tell who will really be there and who is either fake or will flake based on their profile. There was a very attractive couple that caught our attention, but we saw that their profile was very new and they did not have any certifications, so we figured they would not be there or it was a fake profile.

Him: There are plenty of profiles on these lifestyle services with attractive couples but no certifications. Most are fake, so whenever we see these profiles we just dismiss them.

Her: When we arrived at the party there was only one couple that had already arrived and it was this couple we didn’t even think was real. My boyfriend and I were both happily surprised.

Him: I was just downright shocked. As soon as we walked in I see this gorgeous blonde from that SLS profile that I thought was fake and I just couldn’t believe it.

Her: We started chatting with them and we had a great conversation going. We were enjoying ourselves so much with Hannah and Dan that we didn’t even notice when other people started coming in. We have gotten pretty good at meeting and screening couples quickly to decide if we want to play with them. We knew after about 10 minutes that we wanted to sleep with Hannah and Dan. This was their first house party and they weren’t really sure how things worked, so we asked them if they wanted to go up to the bedroom to play.

Him: I personally enjoy getting things started pretty quickly. Hanging out with a couple for more than thirty minutes is completely superfluous to me. It is fairly easy to determine whether or not you want to sleep with someone; even easier for those that are either not as picky as we are or do not ask as many screening questions. A benefit to playing early is that as a guy, I have more time to recover and it is not out of the ordinary to be able to play with two or more couples by the time the party wraps up.

Her: We headed upstairs with Hannah and Dan and we were the first couples up there. Lately we have been the first couple to start playing.

Him: Being the first couples at a party to play normally gives you some privacy. Depending on the crowd, it can take others at the party some time to head to the bedroom(s), and we enjoy having a bed to ourselves. Sharing a bed with several people, who may be a little too ready to touch you without permission, can be distracting.

Her: When we got in the bedroom it was freezing. The AC was on so high that we didn’t even want to take our clothes off. We decided to turn off the AC so we could get naked and in the mood. My clothes were pretty easy to get off since all I was wearing was a little dress with no bra or underwear so I was naked on the bed first with my boyfriend while we waited for them to join us. She had a really awesome body and he looked in good shape too but his cock was pretty small. I wasn’t too disappointed that it was small because sometimes it doesn’t really matter and it could get much bigger when it’s harder. I started kissing Hannah and we touched each other while the guys watched and got turned on. I started to go down on her and my boyfriend started to kiss her and touch her breasts. Then I switched with my boyfriend and he went down on her. I started to play with Dan while my boyfriend was eating out Hannah. Dan went down on me until I came. I always end up having an orgasm before the other girl for some reason. I can’t wait for the day when I find a girl that can cum as quickly as me from oral.

Him: My girlfriend gets off pretty easy from oral. Some girls cum quick when I go down on them, others take a little longer, but I do find it frustrating when my girlfriend comes super quick and is ready to fuck and I’m stuck between some girls legs for another ten minutes. I like to watch my girlfriend get fucked, not just hear it lol. Typically she will blow the guy for awhile until his partner cums, and then we all will start fucking around the same time.

Her: I went down on Dan and his cock didn’t get too much bigger after it was hard. Then we started to hear the hostess coming into the room with some other people giving them a tour of the upstairs. She is a really awesome, but this was bad timing and a big distraction. We tried to block the other people out though and stay in the moment.

Once the tour group left the bedroom, my boyfriend started to fuck Hannah missionary and then I gave Dan a condom. We were fucking next to them and it was pretty good at first. Then Dan started to have some trouble because he said he wasn’t used to using condoms since he doesn’t have to use them with his wife. Hannah saw Dan was having trouble and wanted to switch back to Dan. He seemed to be doing good with Hannah so we decided to try to switch again and it was a little better and lasted longer but then he lost it again. I got to watch my boyfriend with Hannah though and that was really hot. The bedroom started to get crazy hot though because we had turned off the AC and then the host came upstairs and put it back on.

Him: We were playing with these guys for almost an hour. At some point a few other couples entered the bedroom and one girl came onto the bed and started touching me. I told her no thank you, that it was just the four of us playing. Some of you may be wondering why I would turn away an attractive girl wanting to join in the action, but when you are playing in a group, think with your big head and not the small one. Unless it is a single female, there is a guy right behind her and adding another couple can really disrupt the dynamic you have with the current couple you are playing with. We like to keep it simple and play with who we choose and not add other couples, especially couples we haven’t had a chance to pre-screen. After shooing off the random girl, I went to town on Hannah. I started fucking her doggy and she actually asked me to slow down, that I was fucking her too hard. I slowed down my pace and after a bit more fucking I came.

Her: By the time we were pretty much finished playing other people started to play too and there was also the single guy watching us which made Hannah a bit uncomfortable. Dan felt kind of bad about not being able to perform well, but it’s understandable. I know that getting used to using condoms after not having to use them for so long can take time. They were a cool couple though and we had fun with them.

After we finished and went downstairs Hannah and Dan didn’t stick around for the rest of the party. We stayed and hung out with our friends and talked to some new people but didn’t connect with another couple to play with. There was a woman that got really drunk and was just dancing by herself a lot the whole time like she was a stripper. My boyfriend told me that she tried to give him a lap dance when he was talking to one of our friends.

Later on we were upstairs and I was waiting for my boyfriend by the bathroom and I started to hear a woman yelling at someone. I went downstairs to check it out and it was that dancing woman yelling at her boyfriend. She was yelling at another girl. It was a little scary. It turned out that she thought one the girl she was yelling at was trying to steal her man, but she was just really drunk and didn’t know what was going on. After that her boyfriend got her to leave and then the energy at the party pretty much died so we decided to get going too.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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