A Foursome with Samantha & David

Background: On Saturday, July 23rd we attended a private apartment party in Manhattan. We were invited by the hosts through Swing Life Style (SLS). Approximately fifteen Couples attended. The apartment had two floors with three play rooms.

Her: We were the first couple to arrive. It was our understanding that the hosts were fairly new to SLS and that this was their first house party, so we were a little skeptical about how many couples would show up. To our surprise they had a very good turnout.

As usual we already knew (and had played with) a bunch of the couples that were at the party. There were even two couples there that we had seen at another swinger party the previous night. We chatted with some of the couples we haven’t met before, but the right mix of attraction and chemistry wasn’t there with them. There was even a single guy there that we talked to for a while.

Him: We’ve been running into the issue of having played with many of the couples that attend the house party scene in the New York City area. When we first started it was as though we were kids in a candy shop and excited about all the new candy. But after three years, we’ve already tried a lot of the candy and are now novelty seekers…we enjoy playing with new people and are not really into repeats that much.

Her: A couple of hours into the party, we saw two young attractive couples come in at the same time. They knew each other and seemed like they would be hard to separate. We went over and introduced ourselves. The couple that we were really interested in was Samantha and David. She was a Japanese/Irish mix and he was Indian and a whole bunch of other things mixed together. We clicked with them very quickly. She was pretty shy and needed some time to warm up. She was also pretty attached to the girl friend that she came in with. I found her friend to be cute, but we were more interested in Samantha and David.

We talked with David a lot and found that we had some things in common with him such as martial arts. After about 30 minutes of talking I asked Samantha if they would like to go play with us. She said she just wanted to finish her drink. About 10 minutes later she seemed comfortable and we went to go find a room to play in. There were a lot of people already playing in the downstairs area where the bedrooms were.

Him: I remembered a smaller room on the main floor that was more or less an office with a mattress on the floor. I like to do a tour of the entire venue so I know our options way ahead of time. I led us into the room. For some reason the couple they came to the party with followed the four of us in there which led to a very awkward logistical problem. When it comes to playing with new couples, I prefer to stick with one couple at a time and not have a sixsome/free for all orgy. It was clear that Samantha and David wanted to play with us, so David made an excuse to have the male half of the other couple step out of the room with him. Moments later the extra couple was gone :-)

Her: We started things off with me and Samantha kissing and taking off each other’s clothes. She has a really nice body. She is very thin with nice perky boobs. After a few minutes the guys joined in. My boyfriend started to kiss Samantha and then he went down on her. David and I did the same and while the guys were going down on us I was kissing Samantha. This really turned me on and I came first (as usual). Samantha seemed shy when we were talking to her, but once we got her into the bedroom she opened up quickly.

Him: My girlfriend, as usual, came pretty quickly. I was going down on Samantha for quite a while. There was a point where I was ready to call it quits because it was just taking forever and because this was just a mattress on the floor that we were all on I was getting uncomfortable. Just when I started thinking that she came extremely hard. It made the cramped space worth it.

Her: While my boyfriend was getting Samantha off I gave David a blow job before we fucked. The room was pretty tight and there really wasn’t too much room for us all, but we made it work even though Samantha and I both hit our heads on the furniture a few times. David had a nice size cock and he was able to fuck hard and fast how I like it. David was fucking me missionary and I had a great view of Samantha and my boyfriend going at it.

Him: I was fucking Samantha missionary as well. I was pounding her pretty hard and she hit her head on the furniture a few times. I tried repositioning her each time so she wouldn’t hit her head but you have to work with the spaces you end up fucking in I guess. At some point I thought it would be good to switch positions so she wasn’t banging her head while I was banging her lol.

Her: David came first and I got to relax and watch my boyfriend fuck Samantha doggy style for a few minutes until he came. Samantha looked really good in that position too.

Him: Samantha was a blast to fuck. She was very attractive and just easy to be with. No weird behaviors during sex. Some of you might be sitting there thinking, what kind of weird behaviors could someone have…but let me tell you, there are some girls that clamp down on their PC muscle like they are practicing Kegal for the Olympics…that is never fun, or girls that squirm around so much you just want to tie them to the bed so they will stop moving. Anyway, with Samantha there were no complaints. She was really enjoying it, as was I and she looked great.

Anyhow, I was onto doggy when I noticed that David came. I know I do not like cumming before the other guy and sitting there watching, so as a courtesy I always make myself cum within a few minutes of the other guy cumming.

Her: Afterwards we talked for a little while before we got dressed and headed back to the party. We had a great time with them and would definitely like to see them again sometime down the road and we would definitely attend the same party again :-)

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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