Ask Us Anything: Do You prefer to Give or Receive Oral?

Question: Do you prefer to give or receive oral?

Her: I prefer to receive oral. I cum really easy from oral...I can't think of a time someone has gone down on me and I haven't cum from it. Sometimes another girl can smelly or taste funny down there and as far as blowing guys, it just is way better get eaten out than to suck cock.

Him: I like going down on girls a lot, however, if the girl doesn't cum within ten minutes, as far as I'm concerned, foreplay is over. There are plenty of times I've had sex with girls and my cock hasn't gone anywhere near the girl's mouth. To me it is irrelevant. I enjoy sex way more than getting my cock sucked and most of the time would prefer to just get the girl off and go right into sex, skipping the obligatory "I should now suck your cock" phase.

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