Ask Us Anything: Have Your Ever Played with Vanilla Friends or Brought Them to Swinger Parties?

Question: Have you ever approached or asked your personal friends to play aroud? Or vise versa...Have they ever asked you two to play or go to parties if they know about your adventures?

Him: We have had three threesomes with female friends that are not part of the lifestyle that we've known for years. We only had threesomes with them after we entered into the lifestyle and made them aware of it. We have one couple that talk about doing stuff with us, but the female is very shy and doesn't seem "ready". We have a couple of female friends that have asked to be brought to swinger parties and one that we have brought which ended up in a threesome. 

We are both extremely flirty with our friends, especially our female friends and many of them know that we swing. I think that as more and more of our female friends realize we are very laid back, drama free and non-needy that we'll only have more FMF threesome experiences with our female friends. As for our single and attached male friends, my girlfriend has only done some light playing (fingering, etc.) with no intention of doing any serious sexual activity simply because most men who are not in the lifestyle simply don't understand boundaries very well or know how to manage their emotions or expectations.

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