Ask Us Anything: Would You Rather Watch People Having Sex or Be Watched Having Sex?

Question: Would you rather watch two people having sex knowing you can't get off or would you rather be the person having sex and being watched?

Her: I would rather be the person having sex. Its pretty cool and a turn on for me.

Him: I would definitely rather be the person having sex and being watched. We've been swinging for about three years now and at this point have had quite a good number of other people watch us having sex. It doesn't bother me at all as long as they don't turn into a "peanut gallery".

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Anonymous said...

I so agree. We love being watched. Last night we were at a club here in Miami and ended up in a soft swap 8-some with a crowd of about 20 watching the fun. It will be one of those memories that will keep me warm on the cold dark nights.

Mr. No Name

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