Ask Us Anything: Any Clubs Or Venues For MFM That Have Young Single Guys?

Question: We are couple in our late 20s. New to swinging and specifically interested in MFM experiences. We've gone to clubs before but the single men have always been older. My girlfriend perfers someone more our age. Any recommendations for clubs/venues in New York?

Him: The best thing to do is use a service like Swing Life Style (SLS) and simply arrange to meet several single men at one of the clubs you are attending. We've done this before. I say arrange to meet several because some will flake and you don't know who you will ultimately have chemistry with. Look for guys with certifications so you at least know they've had a real experience with someone before and another couple is in a sense vouching for them. Another thing to do is look for events on SLS that allow single men, but pre-screen the guests. If you just arrive at a lifestyle club that doesn't pre-screen you will find all sorts there.

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