Ask Us Anything: Have You Ever Participated Or Witnessed A Double Penetration?

Question: Have either of you participated or witnessed a DP? We're curious on the physical logistics and were wondering?

Him: My girlfriend hasn't, but I have. It was unexpected when it happened. I was on my back on the floor with a girl riding me. Her husband came to us on the floor and penetrated his wife. He was pounding her so hard that she kept moving up my body and at some point I just came out of her pussy. It was interesting, but because it was so unexpected it wasn't as enjoyable as I think it could have been. The whole thing lasted maybe a minute. It turns out that it was a big fantasy of the husband and he just go so turned on when he was watching me fuck his wife that he couldn't help himself.

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towarzyskie said...

I hope that someday in experiencing double penetration. This is my dream, I hope that someday someone will be in the right place and right time and then ... fantasy you know. Maybe there is someone who would be willing to meet the dp? hmmm

Anonymous said...

I’ve done 8-10 dp’s with four different women and is one my favorite things to do. DP is like anything else. With the right people, it’s big fun. However, it’s not for everyone. If a woman likes anal, she’ll love dp. When ever dp happens, the woman almost always lets out a gasp of pleasure and her face turns to an expression of overwhelming ecstasy. After a woman enjoys dp for the first, there’s no going back. She’ll crave dp at every chance she gets. As for the guys, they need to be prepared to follow through. I’ve been in situations where the second guy freaks out, which kind of ruins the moment. The mechanics can be tricky and it’s not unusual for one guy to slip out. Some guys are concerned about feeling the other guy’s cock during the dp. This isn’t the reality. You may want to practice with dildos or vibrators of different sizes in addition to a cock to make sure the woman enjoys it and get a sense of the mechanics involved before going on to the real thing. If you have any questions, contact me on SLS where my id is FTC724. Hoped this helped.

roksa said...

This is my dream but i cant find Women.

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