Ask Us Anything: Is Being Very Large an Impediment to Swinging?

Question: My husband is VERY large is this an impediment to swinging?

Him: No.  There are plenty of women that love hung men and other women that don't.  We've had numerous swaps and never has anyone ever asked me my size.  They will see it when you end up in the bedroom.  There are women that have been with large men and feel the sex is uncomfortable.  Some of these women may decline to have sex once they see the size, but overall I think that the size of your husband shouldn't be an issue.

However, if I incorrectly took your question to refer to your husband's cock size and what you really meant was his weight, then yes, that could be an impediment to swinging.  There are groups that cater to a heavier set crowd, but if you are looking to swap with another couple that is thin and in shape, you might be disappointed.  Looks factor very heavily in swinging for most people in the lifestyle.

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