A Little Eastern Europe To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, we decided to head to Taste to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Him: We were the first to arrive at the club and mingled with couples as they came in, from a red headed girl that I thought might be pregnant to a couple from West Africa that was super bubbly and outgoing, to a couple that pre-gamed a bit too much and the blond bombshell half of the couple could barely speak a coherent sentence. The one thing they all had in common was that they were strictly soft-swap. It gets frustrating interacting with couples that just haven’t seemed to overcome that hurdle and aren’t yet willing to let themselves enjoy the freedom of full swapping.

In between all these soft swap couples we met Richard and Julia, a Polish couple that I met at the bar while my girlfriend was in the restroom. I typically steer clear of approaching couples on my own, but Julia was this short attractive blonde with a great body that I knew I wanted to get to know. They were having language difficulties with the bartender and I introduced myself and explained the open bar option that Taste offered. The four of us seemed to have good chemistry, but Julia was up next for a massage (one of the perks offered at Taste) and it was time to momentarily part company.

The next time we saw them was about an hour later. We began flirting them up and attempting to entice them over to the beds. Silly on their part, Richard decided to have fun with his wife after the massage and he wasn’t quite ready to perform again just yet. Several drinks later, and lots of girl on girl, they were ready to move to one of the beds.

We quickly switched partners. I began going down on Julia, but I think she might have been a bit too sensitive down there at the moment from having sex with her husband only thirty minutes before, so I put on a condom and entered her missionary. I was having a great time having sex with her when after about twenty minutes it appeared Richard was having trouble maintaining an erection and wanted to switch back to Julia. I was a bit disappointed. I hadn’t yet cum, but it is his wife and his prerogative if he wants to switch back. I had sex with my girlfriend for a few more minutes and decided it was a good time to take a break and refuel and rehydrate.

We went to the restroom to clean up, ate some pizza that so conveniently arrived just when we were getting hungry and had some breath mints before heading back to the play area. Back in the play area we were sharing a bed with another soft swap couple we interacted with briefly earlier. This was a Russian couple in their mid twenties. The girl, Angelica, was a beautiful doe-eyed brunette. She was riding her boyfriend Shawn.

It was time to try and convert.

My girlfriend started caressing Angelica until she began to respond back and then began stroking Shawn’s chest. The philosophy or strategy behind this is that a couple may very well be soft swap while they are innocently mingling, but in the heat of sex, the clothes are off and the temptation is there for the taking, given the opportunity without discussion, most many couples will go for the full swap, especially if the girl really wants it.

Angelica unmounted her boyfriend and went between my girlfriend’s legs to eat her out. I began fingering Angelica from behind, put on a condom and went to enter. Angelica was hesitant for a moment, shifting her body so I couldn’t enter. And then it happened. She asked my girlfriend if we wanted to swap. My girlfriend of course answered in the affirmative. Angelica began sucking my cock. I gently pushed her back onto the bed, put on another condom and entered her missionary. This girl looked like she was in pure ecstasy. I speeded up the tempo to match her moans. After about fifteen minutes of fucking, I began eating her out until she came. I then turned her over and finished off by fucking her doggy until I came.

I must say that I was completely surprised by how excited Angelica was after we all finished having sex, in direct contradiction to the look on Shawn’s face which indicated that he was completely surprised that they just had a full swap. She could not tear herself away from us, continually making out with my girlfriend and I and telling us how great of an experience she just had. I began feeling bad for the boyfriend, simply because if the roles were reversed and my girlfriend was that excited about sleeping with another man, I’m pretty sure I would feel uncomfortable. This is to us, first and foremost a shared experience between us.

After we exchanged contact information with the two couples we played with and parted their company we said our goodbyes to the hosts and the rest of the guests we talked with throughout the night. We didn’t get home until around 6 a.m. It was definitely a great night.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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