Swinging Adventures in Milan, Italy

We decided to explore the international side of swinging on our visit to Milan. Out of the lifestyle sites we are on we found that Swingers Date Club (SDC) was the most helpful. We sent messages to several couples located in Milan ahead of time and asked them if there were any on-premise clubs in the area. We received three responses, all telling us that the most upscale lifestyle club was Fashion Club Prive. You can actually do a virtual tour of the place by clicking here.We ended up going on Friday and Saturday nights.

Him: When we arrived at the club via taxi on Friday night the taxi driver turned around and gave us a long look and said, “you know what this place is?” I responded, “A swingers club”. The taxi driver just looked at me, so I added, “where people meet to have sex….right?” After he confirmed we were indeed at the place where people meet to have sex, we paid him and entered the club.

This club put every lifestyle club we’ve been to in New York to shame. This place was three stories, actually had bouncers, a dance floor, multiple play rooms, some public, some private, an open bar, lounge area and a buffet. It appeared to be run by an extremely attractive Russian woman in her late twenties/earlier thirties. The first night cost us 90. I believe it was 50 to get in, but 40 for the membership. We weren’t allowed to bring my girlfriend’s purse in. They have lockers for personal items or will take it to the back and give you a number, like a coat check.

Friday night worked out perfectly, Saturday night however was not so wonderful. Our biggest issue was the language barrier. Most couples simply did not speak any English, which became a bit frustrating. It was good that we are not shy and moved from couple to couple. On Friday night we saw a couple that we were interested in right away, Mauro and Rita. They were both in their early thirties, he was as bald as Mr. Clean and in very good shape, she was an attractive brunette, not thin or athletic, but an attractive body nonetheless.

Rita spoke broken English so we were able to have a good conversation with them. They gave us a tour of the club and we ended up in one of the private rooms with them. We probably played for about an hour to an hour and a half with them. I think he took Viagra because he was literally a jackhammer the entire time, even suprising his wife Rita. They were both a lot of fun, we swapped back and forth several times and played in several different positions. After seventy eight girls I finally did the whole two girls sucking on my cock at the same time thing that our friend Frank recommends. In all honesty, visually it was nice, but stimulation wise it did nothing. I would rather just have one girl sucking away. By the time we were done in the room we were all soaked. The room got extremely hot for some reason.

We had such a good time Friday night that we went back the next night. This place appears to be open all week, with Sunday we were told being a popular night as well. Saturday night was more of a challenge. We probably talked to every attractive couple in there. We actually prearranged to meet a couple there from SDC, but could you believe that even though they list on their profile that they speak English, they couldn’t speak a lick of it. They were using Google Translate to talk with us. We basically walked away from them. Just be honest.

There was one particular couple we interested in, but they spoke no English, us no Italian, so it just didn’t work out. We ended up interacting with an attractive couple with the help of one of the bartenders translating for us. I actually completely forgot this guy’s name, but we will call them Carlos and Gloria. He appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, bald also like Mauro, but darker skinned, like he had a tan. Gloria was extremely attractive, thin, at least c cup natural and in her early twenties. It was dark in the club, but either she had light brown hair or dirty blonde, it was hard to tell.

With a lot of help from the translator we made our way into one of the private play rooms. I knew something was wrong pretty quickly. Gloria was not very receptive to me. She wouldn’t kiss me and she was trying to orient her body and attention towards my girlfriend. Carlos was very excited to play with my girlfriend and initiated the switch…but he must have been a bit too excited because he literally came in about ten seconds just from my girlfriend stroking his cock. Gloria had laid down on the bed at this point and I went down on her until she came. I then put on a condom and went to penetrate her but she clamped her legs shut. She might as well been Fort Knox at that point, I had no idea what the problem was…language barrier and all. They had some kind of exchange in Italian which I can only guess was something along the lines of her asking what she should do and him telling her to fuck me. So she laid back onto the bed and I entered her missionary. The problem was that she wouldn’t let me get a rhythm. She kept trying to slow me down to the point of it being extremely not fun. There is slow and then there is the slow you can set your DVR to on the tv where it looks like literally nothing is happening. It seemed like she wanted the latter. I like to fuck, not just keep my cock in some girls pussy like I’m baking a cake, no matter how nice that pussy and the girl who owns that pussy looks.

Anyway, after a short while she stopped me, said something in Italian to Carlos and then vamoosed out of the room. We literally had no idea what happened. We saw them later and she was telling everyone I was too big for her, that it wasn’t comfortable. I really thought she just didn’t want to have sex, but my girlfriend told me Carlos was extremely tiny so who knows. We met a couple later in the night where the guy apparently came frequently to the club and thankfully spoke perfect English. He told us that he had seen Carlos and Gloria numerous times and they actually have never had sex with anyone. I might have been her first there, but Carlos and Gloria clearly weren’t on the same page, language barriers or not. I wanted to go back and see what a Sunday was like there but I actually came down with a cold. That pretty much concluded our swinging adventure there. We would definitely recommend the club to anyone visiting Milan. It would definitely be helpful to brush up on some Italian…specifically some key phrases like how to ask if someone is full swap or soft swap. We will be heading to Aruba later in the summer and have already begun communicating with couples there to potentially meet. It will be interesting to see what the scene is over there.

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I think you display perfectly why I think I should try to learn the local language when I begin my international tourism campaign. That, and if the other partners start talking dirty I want to understand them. Sorry the cold took you out for a bit but it sounds like you had a good time overall anyway.

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