Ask Us Anything: Do You Know Anything About the Scarlet Zone in Queens?

Question: Do you guys know anything about Scarlet Zone in Queens? 

Him: We have never gone to the club. We know that Adult Socials, the group that runs it, had run Club Amante’s in Brooklyn. We know several couples who had gone to Club Amante’s and their opinions of it were unanimous: it was horrible, don’t go. When we look at the guest list for the Scarlet Zone on Swing Life Style (SLS), we see the same accounts that would rsvp for Club Amante’s. In addition, it appears that some of those accounts (the ones with the more attractive couples) look to us to be fake and just used as a means to entice other couples to attending. We also see ads from couples on Craig’s List that say they will be attending the Scarlet Zone. Those ads may also be fake and just used as another means of advertisement or they may legitimate, we don’t know. We enjoy Taste, most couples we know, though not all, agree with us that Taste is by far the best on-premise club they’ve been to in New York. We’ve also heard good things about Checkmates, though we haven’t been there ourselves. While our advice is to always check out all the parties and venues that are local to you so you can arrive at your own opinions, if you haven’t yet been to Taste or Checkmates, you are probably better of checking out those clubs first before working your way through the others that do not have as great of a reputation.

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