Ask Us Anything: How Racially Diverse Are the Lifestyle Parties in NYC?

Question: How diverse are the play partys in NYC? I am a black female hoping to go to a few play partys. I am hoping by coming up to nyc there might be other people of color there. 

Him: It all depends on the party you go to. We’ve been to parties where a good percentage were black and Hispanic, others where most were white from Eastern Europe and still others with just a large mix of white attendees. One thing that has really stood out though is that with all our experience attending clubs and parties we have seen very few black women in the lifestyle. If you are looking for completely black couples rather than interracial (black/white or black/hispanic) then you will have a more difficult time.

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Unknown said...

In the past we've played with a black Unicorn and a black couple. Other than that, you are right. We have met many interracial couples with a black man & white woman but very few black women.

FreakyV said...

My first attraction to women was because of a black female. They are so hard to find, much more rare than your every day Unicorn! lol

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