Upper West Side Apartment Party – When Things Get Odd

We always have a terribly difficult time finding lifestyle parties on Friday nights. On Friday, June 29th we were invited to a small swinger party in Manhattan through Swing Life Style (SLS). The host is a single guy who we met at a similar party he hosted several months earlier. This was to be a smaller group than we typically prefer, around six to eight couples, but we knew one of the other couples attending so we decided to go.

Him: Prior to leaving we took a look at the guest list and saw a couple that we were interested in. We mingled with the different couples that were at the party, but we were really waiting to see if this one particular couple would show because we knew that if they looked like their pictures we would be interested. Sure enough they did show up, but sadly it turned into a night of wackiness with them.

I felt that I had great chemistry with Elena, but not so much with her husband Raymond. She was from Poland, not quite sure where he was from, but probably Eastern European, both in their late thirties. At some point we got on the topic of HIV/STDs as is typical, because we always bring it up when we are interested in a couple.

This conversation went a little differently than usual. Raymond asked to see our hands. I’ve never had anyone ask to see our hands before, but whatever, so we both gave him our hands and then he started going on and on about I may have a cut on one of my fingers and that if you finger a girl with an open cut you might as well be having unprotected sex. I explained to him that we aren’t new to this and know not to finger someone if you have an open cut, though I can tell you right now that I had no open cuts.

Raymond then began telling us that he was surprised we were at the party, that he didn’t even think we were real. He told us that he had seen us on guest lists for parties they attended but never saw us actually at the parties. I couldn’t speak to that. If we are on a guest list we attend, unless it was one of only a handful of times in the last several years that something came up significant enough for us to cancel, where we always inform the hosts. Then he told us that he was uncomfortable with the amount of certs we have, which is something over sixty. I always find this logic silly. You are attending a sex party…you really care how many people we’ve fucked? Unlike most couples in the lifestyle, we get tested twice a year and we practice safe sex and inquire about the status of others. If you are worried about getting something, we are the two people you shouldn’t be concerned about getting something from. To each his own.

Most of the other attendees were the bedroom going at it at this point, so we invited them into the bedroom, even though the whole conversation with Raymond was a little odd. When we got into the bedroom with them, it got a bit stranger. Both my girlfriend and Elena sat next to each other on the bed and began kissing each other. Keep in mind that there are A LOT of people on this bed fucking at the same time. Overall it seems like more or less a free for all or orgy-though most of these people have already played with each other in the past numerous times.

Raymond pulled Elena off to the side and began fucking her unprotected missionary. Elena then grabbed my cock and began sucking. Raymond hesitated and then stopped fucking Elena and tried to bring my girlfriends head down to his cock to suck it, but my girlfriend stopped him and asked him to go to the bathroom to clean it off because he wasn’t fucking Elena with a condom. I’m not quite sure what his deal was, whether he didn’t understand what she asked, heard something else, or what, but he took Elena out of the room with him. After a few minutes my girlfriend went to see what happened. They came back into the bedroom with her and Raymond began fucking Elena doggy, but then when I began giving Elena attention he stopped and brought her to the bathroom. He claimed he fucked her period out of her. Okay, whatever. No thank you works too. I ended up fucking an Asian girl and we eventually full swapped with another couple…but that whole thing kind of put a damper on the night.

I think Raymond just wasn’t comfortable with the fact that we’ve been around the block a zillion times. Not everyone is compatible.

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. 

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Anonymous said...

I look at certs on SLS like this:

If another person or couple is willing to vouch for you, for whatever reason, then they're encouraging others to take a chance with you. North of a dozen certs, it's obvious people enjoy time with you. Anything beyond that is just extra, but still speaks highly. There's no such thing as too many good reviews.

Stay SINful
Mr. AP

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