Ask Us Anything: How Do I Find a Female Partner to Swing With?

Question: Hi, i'm a single male looking to get into the swinging life style, what would be the best way to do that? I understand that I would have to find a female partnerbut how would I go about doing that? 

Him: The same way you would find a partner in the vanilla world. Let us be very logical here. How many attractive, young and available single women are swinging? Extremely few. And for those very few, the competition is extremely fierce. Why play a losing game? You need to actively meet and date in the vanilla world and fish for indicators of openness to the idea of swinging. 

I would not recommend bringing up an actual conversation about the lifestyle with a girl until after you sleep with her. I would also recommend that if she is open to the idea, to date for several months and lay a proper foundation for the relationship before moving right into swinging as this lifestyle can cause all sorts of emotions to bubble up in people and if your relationship isn’t prepared for it, it might be the first and last time that girl will want to swing.

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Anonymous said...

A Friend With Benefits relationship with a vanilla girl would be another option. This way you can avoid the potential emotional issues that could result with swinging with a long term relationship partner - which anyone who's been to more than swing party has probably witnesses.

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