Ask Us Anything: How Do I Get Tested for HIV & STDS?

Question: You mentioned that you both get tested twice a year and that's great. This may sound silly, but how do you go about actually getting tested? When I asked my urologist for a complete STD test, he asked, "Well, what are your symptoms?" When I said I didn't . . . [remainder cut off] 

Him: If you are a male go to your primary care physician. A female can also be tested by their gynecologist as my girlfriend does. Just tell your primary care physician that you would like an HIV and STD test and for it to be comprehensive (sometimes they will not test for herpes, ask them to do it anyway). You do not need to justify yourself to a doctor for an exam. If they insist on asking, just tell them you are very sexually active and you want to regularly have checkups to ensure that you are healthy and that you can ensure that your partners are safe.

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